Fairly Legal – Episode 1-3 Review

Whereas the previous two episodes may have taken a slightly controversial stance with regard to the law, “Benched” is pretty clear cut. The coach is a great guy and was only acting when he hit the player. The dad is a scumbag who provided his son with steroids. The ultimate mediation is between the dad and a judge, not the coach and the judge, making Kate’s job quite a bit easier, although she still has to coax the truth out of the coach.

We’re getting more information about Kate and Justin, and it looks like they divorce because their jobs simply left them to busy to see each other often. They still care for each other as we see in the episode, so this situation does look like it could turn towards marriage again.

While it’s still early, Fairly Legal seems to be a little different than other USA shows. Instead of the protagonist always cool and collected, knowing what’s going to happen, Fairly Legal runs on manic energy, as problems arise and Kate scrambles around town.

Score: 8.4/10