Glee – Episode 2-11 Super Bowl Recap

Yeah, it sucked, but that wasn’t surprising. What could we expect of the post-Super Bowl Glee? For one, it has to be easily accessible for the millions who haven’t watched the show and are ripe for the picking. That means little use of ongoing plots, notably Kurt being at Dalton, and a whole lot of singing and dancing. This immediately creates problems for those of us who want to watch Glee for more than Autotune and choreography. When Glee goes to extreme lengths of theme episodes, the outcome is often a jumbled mess of varying characterization and lack of plot, and that’s about what happens.

“The Sue Sylvester Shuffle” is filled with absurd plot points which are spun together to form what attempts to be a coherent plot and theme. I’m having a hard time deciding what was more stupid, Sue’s life-threatening cannon or the football team joining the glee club and then the glee club joining the football team.

These plots would actually be fine if Glee were completely silly and was just a show where stuff goes bonkers. But Glee is a show with a message–or at least a show which is supposed to have a message. There’s something about tolerance and accepting who you are, but between the many groan-worthy moments, pointless songs which go on way too long, and  laughable attempt for emotion, the episode breaks down into a meaningless swath of individual scenes which are neither interesting nor funny.

By the way, if you’re going to have a football episode after the Super Bowl, please try to make it accurate, like the other team not in shotgun with 10 seconds left and kneeling down instead.

Finn and Quinn redux? I’ll hold judgment on this one.

Score: 7.0/10

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