Inside Pulse Wrestling WWE RAW Report – 02.07.2011: John Cena Outsmarts the New Nexus

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Welcome to Inside Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of WWE Monday Night RAW!

I’ve got nothing this week, so to the intro we go! We’re live from… Ummm… Oh yeah, Packer Country. And we’re set to hear from the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon!

Vince stays on the stage as the fans are happy to see him. There’s only one thing left and that is WrestleMania XVII. He assures that this year’s WrestleMania will be no different and he will announce the guest host for this year’s WrestleMania…next week! Wait? That’s it? All that hype for nothing?

Randy Orton makes his way out to the ring and we get a recap of him sending Husky Harris to the E.R. last week. Randy says that if CM Punk thinks that they are even, then he’s crazy. Randy is just warming up and he vows that it’ll cost more than Husky Harris. Randy is interrupted by CM Punk, who stays on the stage for his safety. CM Punk takes a seat since he’s shocked that they agree on something. He tells “Randall” just why he cost Randy the title. We go back to Unforgiven 2008 where Randy Orton kicked CM Punk in the skull, thus eliminating him from the Championship Scramble that saw Chris Jericho win the championship. Wow, we’re going back over two years for retribution. CM Punk is very patient and he is right. He vows that Randy Orton will never be WWE Champion as long as he and CM Punk are on the show. He also doesn’t want to wait until the Elimination, as he wants to end it right now. Out comes the rest of the New Nexus. Orton is the receipent of a New Nexus beatdown, but Orton isn’t giving up. Orton busts Punk open in the nose and he’s spewing blood! Punk gets into his face and he gets a headbutt and another boot to the nose! They hoist Orton up and Punk delivers the Go2Sleep on a prone Orton. I’m surprised that they allowed the beatdown to continue considering WWE’s “no-blood / PG policy”.


We recap what just occurred moments ago.

Mason Ryan is still in the ring since the RAW GMail chimed in during the commercial. The New Nexus will face off against the Elimination Chamber match participants tonight – all leading to CM Punk v. John Cena in the main event. The GMail won’t allow the New Nexus to run rampant on Monday Night RAW.

Mason Ryan v. R-Truth

R-Truth asks everyone in Green Bay, Wisconsin what’s up…and he gets booed because RAW is in Milwaukee tonight. The Milwaukee crowd lets him know with Milwaukee chants. Needless to say, Mason Ryan does the power game and Truth can’t mount any offense. Truth tweaks his knee and Mason Ryan throws him into the ropes. Truth gets taken off the top rope and Ryan puts on a half Boston Crab for the submission!

Winner: Mason Ryan
Grade: D-

Post match, Mason Ryan wants a chair and the referee won’t let him have one, so he decides to beat up R-Truth instead. The referee reverses his decision due to the post match attack.

Revised Winner: R-Truth (via DQ)


We return to CM Punk berating Mason Ryan for not winning the match. However, he doesn’t care about winning tonight. He wants them to hurt the Elimination Chamber participants, but not hurt them enough since they would be replaced.

Eve Torres, Tamina, & Gail Kim v. Melina, Nikki & Brie Bella

The Bellas double team Gail Kim to start and they keep the pressure on in the opening moment. Tag to Melina and she hits a snapmare to Gail. Here comes Gail and she tags Eve Torres as I patiently wait for Natalya to slap Michael Cole a good one. Back in the ring and Eve hits a neckbreaker on Melina for the win.

Winners: Eve Torres, Tamina, & Gail Kim
Grade: FTS (Michael Cole didn’t help matters.)

2.21.11 promo and it’s either Sting or the Undertaker lost some weight.


We get Super Bowl coverage on WWE RAW.

We also get coverage for the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

John Morrison v. Michael McGillicutty

The match is up next!


Morrison takes it to McGillicutty in the early going, but McGillicutty found his footing. Pillar to post we go and Morrison is in trouble. McGillicutty wraps Morrison’s arm in the ring post before pinning the arm between the steps and ring post. Dropkick misses the arm and here comes Morrison! Dropkick connects and Morrison connects with the Flash Kick. Starship Pain hits and Morrison escapes with a win!

Winner: John Morrison
Grade: C- (short match, but Morrison connected with Starship Pain perfectly)

Post match, Morrison celebrates and Punk comes out to spray something in Morrison’s eyes…blinding him.


WWE Rewind: Jerry Lawler wins the RAW Rumble last week to face the Miz at Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship!


Here comes the Miz with the championship and Alex Riley with his briefcase prop. The Miz claims that he only had Jerry Lawler on his mind last week. He invites Lawler in the ring and he tells Alex Riley to exit the ring. He asks Jerry why he was rooting for him and the answer was that Jerry would be the easiest win. Actually, no. The answer is that the two are similar to each other. The Miz admits that he patterned his career to Jerry’s and he is a modern-day Jerry Lawler. The look on Jerry’s face is priceless. Lawler pokes fun at the Miz’s haircut. They both have big mouths…but Jerry Lawler backs his mouth up and if the Miz is a modern-day Jerry Lawler…then he does not know Jerry Lawler. The Miz calls Lawler a cheap-shot artist. Lawler calls the Miz a sucker and the people in Milwaukee (rimshot) thinks that the Miz sucks. Lawler has been in the business for 40 years and he’s going to beat the Miz and win the WWE Championship. Jerry Lawler cuts into the Miz’s catchphrase. Lawler ducks a cheap shot and it’s on! Alex Riley comes on in and is taken out. Ted DiBiase comes in and it’s two-on-one until Daniel Bryan comes to the save and the RAW GMail makes a match between the four men in tag team action…NOW!

The Miz & Ted DiBiase v. Daniel Bryan & Jerry Lawler

Alex Riley joins Michael Cole on commentary as Bryan takes it to DiBiase from the get-go. Alex Riley calls him Bryan Danielson and Michael Cole corrects him. Bryan gets DiBiase for a pin attempt. Tag to Lawler and DiBiase gets to the Miz. Lawler suplexes the Miz three times. The Miz pleads with him and he gets taken out of the ring. Out of the ring, DiBiase takes it to Lawler. We go to break.


Maryse comes out to ringside during the breka. Inside, Bryan takes it to the Miz. Miz misses a corner charge and Bryan gets on the top rope. DiBiase runs interference. This sets up for the corner charge by the Miz. Cover gets two. Tag to DiBiase and we go back and forth. Modified neckbreaker connects and that gets two. Tag back to the Miz. He runs the ropes and he eats a Daniel Bryan dropkick. Tags all around and Lawler hits a suplex on DiBiase. DDT by Lawler gets two, broken up by the Miz. Bryan takes the Miz out and Lawler has DiBiase prone for the fist drop and that is the match!

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Jerry Lawler
Grade: B-


Sheamus v. David Otunga

Josh Matthews comes out to interview Sheamus about some comments that Mark Henry supposedly said. Sheamus calls Mark Henry a joke. Otunga comes out and he stops as Mark Henry comes out to make us believe that he did say this. The two go at it and it’s evenly-matched. Otunga goes to the top rope and Sheamus knocks him off. Brogue kick misses, but Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam! A second one connects as well. David Otunga comes inside the ring to take credit for this, but is interrupted by Alberto del Rio. He’s here to face the man he eliminated to win the Royal Rumble…NEXT!


Alberto del Rio v. Santino Marella

Santino’s all fired up and this time, Santino tosses Alberto over the rope! Bell rings officially and Alberto takes himself out of the ring hard. Back inside we go and Alberto catches Santino with a kick. He sends Santino into the steel ring post before connecting with a back suplex for two. Alberto works the arm a bit and Santino can’t get any offense going. Alberto hits a shining wizard, but Alberto lands hard. Santino readies the Cobra and he misses. One-armed DDT connects and the cross-arm breaker is applied for the submission!

Winner: Alberto del Rio
Grade: C

We recap the New Nexus’ rampage throughout the evening.


We hype up SmackDown’s main event and Vickie Guerrero makes her way out with Dolph Ziggler. EXCUSE ME! She says that in two weeks, Dolph Ziggler will enter the Elimination Chamber match as the new World Heavyweight Champion because she’ll help him beat Edge this Friday on SmackDown. She didn’t say that as John Cena makes his way out because by God his match is more important than those two! Cena is out to diss Christina Aguilera for butchering the National Anthem. He’s also out to apologize for R-Truth because he partied too much and still believes he is in Green Bay. He’s also out here because the last time the three of them were in the ring, they had a blast. Vickie interjects demanding respect from Cena or they’ll leave. So they make more noise and they disrespect them some more. This leads to a Packers chant and they finally leave. Cena makes mention as to what the New Nexus is planning to do and that they have one flaw…that he’s still here. The main event…IS NEXT!


John Cena v. CM Punk

Bell rings and they lockup. Cena looks back and that costs him. Punk hammers away at the corner. Pillar to post we go and Cena explodes on Punk. Punk takes back control and he hits a backbreaker and he goes back in the corner. Back suplex connects and Punk bides his time. Punk has Cena in the corner again and he connecs with the elbows. Corner charge misses and Cena posts Punk and we go corner-to-corner before Cena gets a bulldog. Cena turns his attention to the stage and Punk dispatches Cenain the corner. Punk bails off the apron connecting with a clothesline. Back inside the ring and Punk connects with the corner charge and bulldog. GTS attempt and Cena fights out of it and he connects with kidney shots. The referee warns Cena of a disqualification, so he hits Punk in the balls for shit’s sake.

Winner: CM Punk (via DQ)
Grade: N/R

Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga lead the charge as Mason Ryan checks on CM Punk. Jerry Lawler hands Cena a steel chair and he cleans house. Cena stands tall.

Show over.

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