Supernatural – Episode 6-12 Review

Supernatural is finally back, and right away we get a new enemy to think about. After the first half of the season dealt with Sam and the growing threat of random monsters, “Like a Virgin” turns towards the adversarial format of the previous seasons, with a specific enemy–the “Mother of All,” presumably who Crowley was looking for when capturing those alphas.

Until the end, “Like a Virgin” a very average plot with dragons kidnapping virgins for some reason. Other than the introduction of Bobby’s past love, the plot really doesn’t have much but a way to get to the end. The victims are generic damsels in distress, the dragons are generic bad guys, and the investigation is paltry.

In return, though, there are powerful scenes for Sam who, if you remember all the way back, was just given his soul back and had a barrier placed in his mind by Death. Initially, he remembers nothing, suggesting that the soul contains memories, but after tricking Castiel, he learns the truth, and it’s not pretty. Still, Dean and Bobby are forgiving, but Sam isn’t convinced.

With these new developments, the second half of the sixth season looks to be around the same Supernatural we’ve been used to–excellent, compelling television.

Score: 9.1/10