Nathan Fillion To Voice Green Lantern In Animated Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

For all the talk about Fillion being a superhero, who knew that he’d be a Green Lantern? I mean, after the persistent Ant-Man rumors all last summer, it’s kind of hard to picture him as any super hero that isn’t Ant-Man by this point, especially as one that we already know is Ryan Reynolds. So what’s up?

You might remember a few years ago when Dark Knight hit theaters, DC released a straight to DVD animated release called Batman: Gotham Knights. It was a collection of short stories by different anime artists that could fit into the continuity and explore outside the confines of the films. It was the Animatrix to Batman’s Matrix trilogy. Well coming on June 7th DC is releasing Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, which promises to be much in the same vein.

Fillion, of Firefly and Castle fame, has been cast to voice Hal Jordan in Emerald Knights, and while not a whole lot is known about the story, we do know that he’s training a new Green Lantern. Voiced by Mad Men‘s Elizabeth Moss, Arisia will be a new recruit that Hal has to train.

If done right, this could be really cool. You’ve got the means to really explore with the Lantern Corps, and tell some stories that wouldn’t fit at all into the theatrical release. I’m hoping for Mogo!

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Source: TV Guide