DR TNA – A Reversal of Fourtune (Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Crimson)

The big February third episode of iMPACT certainly brought about a surprise.  It turns out that “they” really were “they” all along.  By that, I mean Fourtune, part of the original “they,” turned out to be the same “they” to which Crimson, Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner had all referred.

I am very pleased with this development because it either fulfills, or keeps possible, several factors that I had previously wrote were important to consider as TNA creative developed this angle.  1) It was a big time turn for some main event players.  2) It turned A.J. Styles back to a face.  3) It keeps guys like Mr. Anderson, Matt Morgan, and the Pope in good positions for exposure in upcoming programming.

According to rumors another faction of guys from the outside were originally thought of for the role that Fortune filled on Thursday.  From what I have read, I think I would have also enjoyed that angle.  However, I have to say, in many ways TNA is better off with developing it in this fashion, because it utilizes more of the younger talent they have in their locker room.  It also creates opportunities to grow the profile of a few people.

I write that because as iMPACT was closing, it struck me that in the span of thirty seconds, TNA went from a company with a stacked heel faction running over most of the faces in the company, to a company with a ring full of notable faces versus basically the Hardy brothers and presumably Jeff Jarrett.  Even if Abyss gets back, they need some help from some bigger name guys.

Given that, I have decided to toss out a few names of guys I feel could be good for this role.  Below are DR. TNA’s top main event heel prospects.

The Pope D’Angelo Dinero: Yes, I am well aware that I cite the Pope again and again for roles to gain more exposure.  I do not deny this.  Primary, because he is one of their top talents and I believe him to be under utilized in his current role.  TNA has already been turning the Pope heel.  That much is done.  However, it is time to move him out of a feud with Samoa Joe and into the main angle of Fourtune versus Immortal.  It is not hard.  Immortal can beat down Joe or the Pope can interfere in a top Immortal match.  It can be done in a week if they so choose and I hope that they do.

Matt Morgan
: This one needs to be a bit longer term.  So long as Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson are feuding, it doesn’t make sense for Morgan to move over to Immortal.  However, the stage is already set, given their past, for a Morgan-Anderson feud.  The crowd is behind Morgan in a big way right now and it wasn’t that long ago he made his face turn.  However, if he were to take some sort of action that would be seen as stabbing Anderson, Angle or someone like that in the back, one could see a pretty quick swing.  Also, given the push Morgan has received lately, he has the credibility to be a big addition to Immortal…again.

Desmond Wolfe: This may be mostly wishful thinking.  Wolfe hasn’t been around for a while and there are varying reports as to his injury status and future in wrestling, period.  That said, as far as I know he is still in TNA’s roster.  If he is able to return, I list him as a prime candidate.  The guy is good on a mic and is a great ring technician.  It would be great to see him and Angle mixing it up again.

The British Invasion
:  This one is probably a bit more realistic, though I wouldn’t expect to see Wolfe, Magnus and Douglas Williams all three as heels.  That said, let’s assume Wolfe is not a possibility.  Beer Money needs a rival and, I’m sorry, Team Me should not be it.  Williams is somewhat out of the X Division Title picture now that Jay Lethal has the belt.  He has the Matt Morgan problem in that he just turned face recently, but let’s be honest, he’s a better heel.

So there you have it.  If I were in charge of angles over at TNA, these would be the guys I would be looking to first to shift allegiances.  As I did with my last list of recommendations, I now open it up to all of you.  Who did I miss?

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