Community – Episode 2-15 Recap

I want to say, “Community does it again!” but I probably already said it. “Early 21st Century Romanticism” isn’t one of those far-out episodes which stretches reality or the formula of the show. It stays centralized around the Valentine’s dance, using the setting to generate individual stories for everyone. Troy and Abed, in the cutest way possible, court the librarian. She chooses Troy, but the bromance proves too strong in the end. Britta gets caught up in a fake lesbian befriending, revealing how pathetic she is (at least in this case). Jeff seems to like Chang more than he did, making sure Chang is okay after the party. And how can you not feel sorry for the guy, after being thrown out of his house?

After ragging on Pierce’s portrayal several times this season for his transformation into a complete jackass, I want to take back my words. The final shot of Pierce passed on the bench, along with his slow descent into drugs, shows that writers were planning this from the start. I guess I overlooked the fact that the writers have something larger going for Pierce. He’s still not funny (to me), but there is definitely more character development left.

Score: 8.9/10


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