V – Episode 2-5 Review

The main flaw in V’s premise is how transparent it is. We know everything the Visitors are up to aside from the specific details of their pregnancy plan and we know what the Fifth Column is up go and their motivations. It leads to a simplistic view of the conflict. Clearly, the Visitors are evil and must be stopped, allowing for little subtlety. Lines like “The humans think they are building their future when in fact they are digging their own graves” are not only cheesy, but also extremely one-sided.

While we know exactly what Anna will plan next–more destruction of humanity–the Fifth Column runs in several moral dilemmas and it proves to be decent drama. Tyler is still an idiot, but now instead of slobbering all over the Visitors, he hangs out with his dad. Nothing too extreme happens at the end of “Concordia,” (Ryan will probably talk his way out), and Anna’s plan continues to plug along at a glacial pace.

Score: 8.1/10


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