10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars 02.10.2011 — Jack Swagger, Curt Hawkins, Natalya

1. Well, we get some Nattie action today! It’s like her title reign never even happened, which sucks. She was a great champion, both in the ring and with what she brought to her promos. They let the whole “Piggie James” and LayCool thing go on longer than their feud with Nattie…I’ll never understand their thought process.

2. Speaking of things I’ll never understand…why are we forced to watch Alicia Fox day in, and day out? Of course, I’ll never know the circumstances backstage, but the WWE booted Maria, and Alicia Fox is free to botch her way through every match she’s in? I think she may be the only one who fails at a bitch slap more than Kelly Kelly.

3. Wow, the Surfboard submission Natalya put on Alicia was magnificent.

4. The new 2.21.2011 vignette is quite…something. I feel as though it’s too painfully obvious that it’s Taker, but you never know.

5. What are we doing here? Another full replay of Raw’s main event? I’m so sick of this! This episode is sitting politely on my DVR; if I wanted to watch it, I would. Aren’t there about a dozen guys sitting in the back that we can throw out there? Well, I’m slightly intrigued by the finish of Cena/Punk. I didn’t say I liked it, but I’m interested to see where this goes.

6. Nevermind, I’d gladly take the Raw replay over this new Khali/Usos nonsense. As long as they’re not dancing, I guess it’s fine. But it might be one of the worst matches I’ve ever seen. Khali was no-selling as usual, the Usos looked like they were over-selling just by the lack of energy in Khali’s movement. Just a hot mess all around.

7. There are four matches in this episode, as well as a full replay. Not that I’m counting Khali/Usos as a real match, but Hawkins/Reks was great. With the innovative spots and sudden changes in momentum, it felt almost too good for Superstars. My only complaint was how short it was.

8. See, this is what I’m talking about. Why on earth would they pair up Swagger and Barreta? Because it’s Superstars, that’s why! It’s nice to take a break from the millions of storylines for a match that just happens.

9. Trent Barreta is normally the quick-paced wrestler, but he found a way to get on Swagger’s level and not overshadow him. Swagger looks awful against men like Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio because they’re known for their high-flying maneuvers, which drowns Swagger’s amateur style. Trent got some good spots in, but overall looked great as an equal, and Swagger needs that.

10. Random Thought of the Week: I’d like to start seeing some random-ass interbrand matches on Superstars. Raw and Smackdown are doing pretty well, but NXT is just awful. So why not mess around with Superstars? Let’s pair up Primo against Rey Mysterio. Chris Masters against Ted Dibiase. Justin Gabriel against Daniel Bryan. Alex Riley against Dolph Ziggler. I think they could do some crazy stuff and the thrill would derive from the obscurity.

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