Fringe – Episode 3-13 Review

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Since the Olivias have returned to their own worlds, Fringe has stayed in the original, following Olivia as she tries to reacclimate herself in a world, knowing that Peter had been with the other Olivia. This week, however, Fringe returned fully to the other universe, complete with the red credits.

It’s very interesting to see how this team operates. For the most part, the investigating methods are the same, the biggest difference being that they go to outside experts versus an in-house mad scientist. But the people are vastly different. With a full episode dedicated to the other world’s crew, we get a much better idea who they are. Olivia is playful, but has doubts about herself and Frank. Lincoln doesn’t think he can fill Broyles’s shoes.

The case is pretty interesting and somewhat thoughtful. Dr. Silva is kind of like Walter. He has a goal to save mankind through an influenza vaccine by cultivating an enzyme. Unfortunately, all the sheep have died out, leaving humans as the only viable hosts. So we see Silva systematically kill of random people in pursuit of scientific ends, immortalizing himself for the future when his great scientific treatment. Along the way, though, it’s obvious he’s gone off the deep end like Walter, taking things a step too far and losing track of his humanity.

The recurring theme of “Immortality” and Fringe in general is the paternal instinct, how far a father is willing to go to retrieve his son. Now, with the other Olivia with Peter’s baby, this concept is at the forefront. To save his child, will Peter sacrifice the world he knows and loves?

Score: 9.2/10

I don’t want to make anyone feel bad, but Fringe’s ratings have dropped the past two weeks and is now at a low 1.4. Although we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what happens, it looks like Fringe is in trouble.

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