Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Smackdown! 02.11.2011 — Edge, Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio

Kicking off Smackdown right, we see a recap of Joan Cena’s shenanigans last week. We’re reminded that Edge will defend the strap tonight against Dolph Ziggler with Vickie as the special guest referee. Who else is ready for that!

After the introduction, we find Ricardo Rodriguez in the ring, announcing Alberto del Rio. The ring is filled to capacity with balloons and flowers. After reminding us of his accomplishments, he calls for Ricardo to bring him a gigantic heart shaped box. The box is placed on a stand, with Alberto discussing what he loves most, revealing the word “destiny” inside the box, and then his own portrait. Very fitting. Kofi interrupts the narcissistic love-fest, angry about the attack last week. He pulls out a kendo stick to return the favor, but hesitates, looking conflicted. But then he winks, and strikes, destroying the set-up. All that is left is the portrait, to which he swings for the fences.

Abrupt commercial.

Apparently, there’s a match between the two now that the ring has been cleared off. Well, here we go!

Alberto jumps, slowly picking apart Kofi. He grinds Kofi into the mat, and dominates the action. Once more, back to the ground, Kofi fights out and finally creates some distance. Kofi is up against the ropes, Alberto charges but Kofi rolls out of the way, ejecting himself from the ring. Once back in, Kofi gets fired up, Boom Drop, to the top rope, crossbody. He pins, for two. Alberto fights back for a moment, but Kofi hits the SOS. Alberto breaks up the count by grabbing the rope and Kofi signals for Trouble in Paradise, which misses. They move outside of the ring where Alberto regains control and sends Kofi in to the steel steps, specifically on the arm which means…they get back in the ring, Cross Arm Breaker, and it’s over.

Grade: C+
An excellent opening match between these two. It felt a bit quick, but they looked great against each other. There was a lot of give and take, and both men were given equal time to come out on top. Alberto has momentum that can’t be slowed after the Rumble, but Kofi tends to get lost amidst all the other Superstars when paired up with a bigger name, so I think this was done just right.

Backstage to Todd Grisham, with Edge. Edge mocks Todd’s question of whether or not he thinks Vickie will call it fairly. But once the jokes cease, he puts on his serious face and we fade to…


Oh lord, they’re in Green Bay, and they show Rodgers with the spinner belt. They pan out to the crowd with the team in the audience, holding up belts. Excuse me, while I go gag. (Go Bears! You know, next year…)

Santino and Kozlov enter in their Souvenir Penny belts. Followed by J-Gabe, and the rest of the Corre members. It’ll apparently be J-Gabe against Kozlov.

Kozlov easily tosses J-Gabe away and backs him into a corner, man-handling him. But he loses control quickly, as J-Gabe lands some of his vicious kicks and grounds the Russian. Big Zeke distracts the ref, as Slater trips Kozlov, Santino hits the Cobra on Slater, J-Gabe takes out Santino, and Kozlov ends the chain by landing his own kick on J-Gabe, tries to drop an elbow by Gabriel gets his knees up, hits the 450 and it’s already over.

Grade: D-
When I saw this, I thought, “Great! They’re acknowledging the tag champs and using them in real competitions.” But I should have known better. I do have to say, I really enjoyed the balance they found in both men, with their drastically different styles. Kozlov has the brute strength, which he proved when he was effortlessly picking up Gabriel, but J-Gabe showed off his high-flying style by finding a way to fidget out and it all flowed pretty nicely. Regardless, it was a squash to keep the Corre relevant and establish a reason for them to take the belts, and it was painfully obvious as such.

Naturally, it’s time for the Corre to attack! They raise their arms in victory over the broken stars, and retreat.

 We’re informed that Wade Barrett will face Rey Mysterio later tonight…which I have to say, sounds promising. Did I just jinx it?


Hooray! Chris Masters is in the ring. Oh wait, Drew’s out next. This will not end well for the Masterpiece.

Once the bell rings, Drew rolls out and grabs a mic. He’s blaming Edge for Joan’s firing, says he won’t forget it, and addresses Joan. Apparently, this match is for her. He climbs back in but Masters attacks, on a rampage. But Drew gets his head back in the game quickly, hits the Futureshock, and it’s over.

Grade: F
I didn’t hate this, despite the poor grade. Instead of a full-on stomp, Masters got some offense in, and Drew’s personality and character develops stronger every week. He’s a connoisseur of the silent movement, and I dig it. But other than those pro’s that I dug out, this match was just total crap.


Come back, and we see the 619 that broke Cody’s face. Cut to backstage, Todd is asking Rey about Cody, who then chuckles about the whole situation and shifts gears to Wade, promising victory. This leads to Wade’s entrance. He has a mic, and promises to win the Elimination Chamber match.


Upon our return to Smackdown from the commercial, we are alerted to the fact that we will be celebrating the 600th episode next week. And with that celebration, we get a 12-man tag team match, consisting of: Edge, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, R-Truth, Randy Orton, and John Cena against CM Punk, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, and Kane. Well! I’m excited for that.

Rey enters, and we’re off. Wade looks especially monstrous against the teeny Rey, pouncing on him. Rey gets a quick offense, and Wade attacks once more, tossing Mysterio around like a doll. Wade pauses momentarily to hold up his fist in a very Jericho-like motion, before Rey sends him into the turnbuckle. Rey to the top rope, but Wade cuts him down, hanging him upside down. Huge suplex from Barrett, Rey gets Barrett in 619 position, Wade stops the little man, gets thrown out of the ring, Rey hits the senton outside, but finally Barrett sends Mysterio into the barricade.


Come back to both men in the ring. Some back and forth before Rey lands a crossbody, backed into a corner, both men on the top rope, Barrett down, another senton, hurricanrana, solid kick, for two. Rey in Wasteland position, fights out. Wade goes for an abdominal stretch, but Rey sends him into 619 position once more, but he takes too long. He fights off J-Gabe first, then eats a boot and is thrown into the Wasteland.

Grade: B+
One of the better matches I’ve seen on Smackdown in quite some time. There was so much going on that my poor little fingers barely had time to type. They were so completely back and forth, moving all over the place and doing a million things, and still managing to come off looking ridiculously strong. I barely have the words to explain how great this match was.

The Corre members are about to attack, but Big Show bolts out to save the day. But the Corre get the upper hand, and Big Zeke suplexes the giant! For the second time tonight, the four men raise their arms in victory.


Hell NO. Really? JTG against Kane. Really? Really?! This may be the strangest match-up I’ve seen on Smackdown.

Well, here we go, I guess. JTG landing some surprising offense on Kane, but only for a moment. Kane backs JTG into the corner. A little kick here, a little punch there, and Kane climbs to the top rope, big punch. Chokeslam, and done.

Grade: F
No. Just, no.


LayCool backstage, complaining about Eve. Vickie walks out, ashamed of the two. Now, Dolph walks up, livid that they lost his match for him.


The lovely LayCool ladies are in the ring. Apparently Layla is the one who will square off against Eve.

Layla rolls out, and seems concerned. She asks for Michelle to support her, but Eve shoves Michelle, and manhandles Layla, who quickly puts her game face on. She lands a dropkick on the champ, and locks in a submission, calling out for Michelle’s approval. Eve reverses, hits her own dropkick not once but twice, connects with her moonsault but Layla kicks out, Eve climbs the ropes but Michelle distracts and Layla knocks Eve down. Layla rolls her up, but she reverses it and pins the British Babe for the victory.

Grade: D
This match was a disenchanting, despite the tension they’re teasing once more.


And here we go! Time for some Heavyweight Champion madness! Edge enters first, followed by Dolph.

Vickie walks out last, and cuts off Chimel as he’s making the announcements. She reminds us that the ban on Edge’s Spear is still in effect. And off they go.

They circle around each other, Dolph already attempting pins to the delight of the quick-counting Vickie. Dolph is backed into the corner, to which Vickie separates them. Then Dolph attacks Edge in the corner, rolls him up for another two-count. Sleeper is applied, and quickly broken up. Dropkick from Ziggles, and a slew of reversals from both men. The two charge at each other once back on her feet as Booker T’s eccentric voice is very distracting. Dolph tries for Zig Zag and fails, DDT from Edge, Vickie counts one, two…puts Dolph’s leg on the rope on three. Dolph continues to get frustrated by Vickie’s “slow” counting, allowing Edge to strike. Vickie mocks Edge’s hair mussing and bug eyes, emulating Edge before he hits a Spear, but is stopped by Edge. Her ankle is injured, and is checked on by officials as Edge Spears Dolph, utilizing the time where she’s not watching. He gets in Spear position again, this time with Vickie watching and it hits. But…Clay Matthews runs out and finishes the three-count for Edge over Dolph.

Grade: C-
Something isn’t sitting right with me about this match. Most of it was pretty great, and Vickie’s interaction was a perfect amount. But…I don’t know. It was odd, and they definitely checked the logic at the door. The Spear is illegal, and was done right in front of everyone. I’m unsure whether that would have led to a disqualification, or if it still would have been handed over, as was the stipulation before. Either way, it was odd and a bit abrupt.

Credits roll.

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