TOY FAIR 2011: Hasbro G.I. Joe News (Pursuit of Cobra, GI Joe Renegades & 30th Anniversary)

The Pursuit For Cobra
-Wave 3 (Gen. Hawk, Cobra Commander, Steel Brigade, Cobra Trooper, Blowtorch, Jungle BAT)
-Wave 4 (Croc Master, Crazy Legs, Snake Eyes, Iron Grenadier, Viper, Rock Viper)
-Ends after Wave 4

30th Anniversary
-Starting fall 2011 (2012 is the official 30th Anniversary)
-Separate cards for Joes & Cobra
-Techno Viper & Hazard Viper will be in the first wave
-Trooper focus
-SkyStryker with figure
-SDCC Exclusive SkyStryker painted as Starscream! Includes Cobra Commander as pilot, and includes a Megatron gun accessory.

-Will be worked into the 30th Anniversary assortments
-Will have the same card as 30th Anniversary, however it will say ‘Renegades’ on it.
-First 4 figures will be Firefly, Duke, Snake Eyes & Cobra Commander

12″ Real American Heroes
-Police K-9 Unit
-National Guardsman
-U.S. Marine

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