TOY FAIR 2011: Hasbro Marvel News (Thor, Captain America, Marvel Universe, Marvel Legends & More)

Here is the Marvel news from Hasbro’s media presentation this afternoon at Toy Fair 2011:

-About 20 Basic 3 ¾” figures (All movie, tons of Thors, Sif, Loki, Odin, Fandral, Hogun, & Volstaag)
-Deluxe 3 ¾ figures (Hemidall is exclusive to Deluxe)
-Superhero Sqaud 3-Packs
-10″ Feature Figure

Captain America
-About 20 Basic 3 ¾” figures (Mix between movie & comic. Lots of Captain America’s, Bucky Cap, Winter Soldier, US Agent, Captain Britain & Crossbones)
-Deluxe 3 ¾ figures (Parachuting Cap & Jet Pack Cap)
-Superhero Squad 3-Pack (Cap with Motocycle & Hydra Soldier)
-10″ Feature Figure

Iron Man
-Basic 3 ¾” continue
-Marvel Legends scale figures with Titanium Man & Crimson Dynamo
-Superhero Squad 3-Packs continue

Marvel Universe
-Team 3-Packs
Avengers (Thor, Hulk & First Appearance Iron Man with small Wasp & Ant-Man)
X-Force (Wolverine, Warpath, & Deadpool)
Fantastic 3 (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, & Thing with H.E.R.B.I.E.)

-Wave 2
Cyclops (Jim Lee)
Cable (with Baby Hope, will be a running change without Hope)
Wolverine (first appearance)

-Wave 3
Falcon (with Red Wing)
Dr. Doom
Scarlet Spider
Steve Rogers

-Wave 4
Darkhawk (with Variant)
Dr. Strange (with Variant)

-New Comic 2-Packs
Deadpool & Taskmaster
Wolverine & Silver Samurai
Spider-Man & Captain Britain
Quicksilver & Wonderman
Warlock & Thanos
Iron Fist & Power Man
Wolverine & Sabertooth (Comic version of X-Men: First Class)
Jean Gray & Cyclops (Comic version of X-Men: First Class)

-Sentinel Masterpiece
Same style San Diego Exclusive on a giant card with Purple deco
Retail box will have silver/blue deco with Wolverine

-6″ & 3 ¾” continue (Including Scorpion & Lizard)
-2012 will be huge for Spider-Man

Superhero Squad
-2-Packs will be phased out
-Movie style 3-Packs will continue
-Superhero Adventures will take over, smaller pre-school figures with articulation

Marvel Legends
-Will be back in full force 2012
-First wave will have Ultimate Hawkeye & Bucky Captain America and have Teraxx as a build-a-figure

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