Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-14 Review

Hey everyone! It’s been quite some time hasn’t it? This, I guess, goes to everyone who decided not to watch the Grammys but indulge in some Desperate Housewives drama. Was the fourteenth episode of the seventh season worth the wait?

Spoiler-free zone:

While nothing drastic happens, this episode manages to maintain the same pace of the previous episodes without many filler storylines. The comedy was stronger than the drama this week but all in all it was a solid episode that makes you wonder what’s coming up next.

Spoiler zone:

In my opinion, the best, but also shortest, storyline was that of Lynette’s. It’s been quite some time since the show had comedy this dark, but it all worked for an immensely entertaining segment. Polly Bergen (the actress who plays Lynette’s mother) has a presence that fits perfectly on the show and her chemistry with Lynette has a strong dynamic. I’m glad we are going to see more of that relationship. I always enjoy it when I see the entire Scavo family interact with one another and the whole “money vs. family” is an interesting path to head to.

Gaby’s storyline, while mostly dramatic, had some great moments in it. The show rarely gives us insight on Gaby’s past so having something, that’s more than subtle hints, is fascinating in a way. I think it’s funny how Gaby is slowly becoming the most complex character of the season. She’s had some pretty rough stuff to deal with this year and I think that it’s all going to play out with an intense climax. Not sure if they are going to continue with the therapist storyline or if the writers will give her something different to play against.

Bree’s storyline was ok this week. The thing is that we know that there is no way in hell she’ll end up with Keith, so it’s sad watching a doomed relationship falling apart. When the couple was still blossoming I loved the whole “contrast” theme that was going on, but I guess it has to end at some stage. I really want to see Bree single for a while. I think having her single can recapture that passive-aggressive side of hers, in a way that doesn’t seem forced. I’m not saying she should go back to nervous-breakdown Bree, but I think having her alone with her thoughts can take her character full circle. Her wallpaper-moment in the season seven premiere remains my favourite moment of the season for that exact reason. If we look back, Bree has only been single for the second half of season two (then she had Orson, Karl and now Keith). I’m hoping for a storyline like that after this one is over.

Susan had some fun this week. I’m relieved the stalker didn’t end up giving his kidney anyway, because it would seem so incredibly convenient. The actor playing the stalker was pretty good and Teri Hatcher was in her usual comedic form. This was probably the biggest filler segment of the episode but it still unfolded within Susan’s main storyline.

In addition, the mystery got heavy in this episode. While I’d like to see more of Beth, this story was necessary. I couldn’t see Paul’s return on the lane having nothing to do with Zach. The mystery has reached the part where it’s beginning to set everything up for the finale so I understood the slower pace the episode took.

To sum everything up, while the episode worked more for preparing the upcoming action, it did have some classic moments (especially Lynette’s portion) that ranged from serious to light to downright morbid.


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