The Chicago Code – Episode 1-2 Review

While “Hog Butcher” does a fair amount of recapping, it also uses the voiceovers to expand the characters. We see and hear Isaac’s enthusiasm for the police, Teresa helping Antonio be an officer, and Caleb’s odd idea that Jarek will help his career.

But it’s not just the voiceovers which help with the characters. As the hunt for Antonio’s killer goes on, there are several other dynamics going on. Isaac has an extreme dedication to Vonda, Jarek and Teresa butt heads over methods, among many interactions in the episode. The best part is that these developments always occur when something is happening. Everything moves together and the episode keeps going as the character talk, unlike Blue Bloods, which often slows to a standstill so characters can talk.

The shooter turns out to be one of Don’s younger friends who he spoke to about Teresa’s actions. And in one move, the writers get rid of the Don problem and completely pull back on Gibbons. Gibbons is assuredly dirty, but not a cop killer. So where does this leave us? Without the menace that Gibbons is willing to shoot cops, The Chicago Code loses that extra bit of power that could come around every corner. I’m not sure I like this development, but there’s still room to grow.

Score: 8.9/10


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