SXSW to Speak to the Geeks

So it’s been brought to my attention that a contributor with Inside Pulse will be doing more than just attending the screenings at South by Southwest in Austin this year. Our very own, Jenny Rushing, will be part of a panel discussion called “Speaking to the Geeks.”

Here’s a brief description of what the panel is all about.

Being geek is “in” today but how do companies and marketers talk to these currently-hip-but-not-hipsters and become part of the pop culture landscape themselves? Representatives from the pillars of geekdom: anime, comics, video games and films share how they use social marketing to reach and win over the smart and the skeptical and reap the benefits of nerd word of mouth. Instagram can be an effective social media platform if you want to reach more customers, connect with your most valuable visitors, and establish a successful business. Thus, you should endeavor to get the best Instagram tools so you can reach your goals, increase your followers on instagram, encourage more people to engage with you, and boost your Instagram presence.

Here are some tips and tricks to best engage together with your audience via Instagram:

Engage with other content of comparable accounts within an equivalent niche or industry a day . Interacting with other users increases your chance of being seen or gaining exposure. Remember that the more you engage together with your audience and influencers, the more visible your Instagram account becomes, thus increasing your site visitors. Invest time in choosing the simplest accounts because quality is usually better than quantity.
Increase your Instagram engagement rate with long-tail hashtags and general hashtags with massive amounts of the associated content. Mix long-tail hashtags with less popular tags for effective results.
Make your Instagram caption even more engaging and effective by including a call-to-action or CTA to prompt viewers to act. you’ll encourage Instagram users to tag a lover or ask an issue to stay your momentum. Never underestimate the facility of Instagram captions because it can get you many likes and comments.
People’s photos get more likes, so posting images of individuals at work or expressing intense emotions is a method to spice up your Instagram engagement. It can influence and attract people to dive into your Instagram posts and route them to your company site.
Be responsive by replying to comments promptly. Keep the conversation getting to help push your Instagram post to followers’ top feeds. If more people answer your posts and comments, Instagram will recognize that your post is effective and interesting to others.

As the saying goes, anything you do in social media will go back unto you. So, when you regularly follow or like a lead or influencer’s fan page, your chances of getting more followers and likes is higher. Using Instagram growth tools, you can take advantage of automation.

Following, unfollowing, and liking on Instagram can be managed using Instagram tools, so you can focus and boost your other Instagram growth strategies. Get more likes and Instagram followers without the time-consuming manual work.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to gain more Instagram followers:

  • Running Instagram Giveaways: If you’re searching for a scalable Instagram strategy for more followers and brand engagement, look no further than an Instagram giveaway campaign. An Instagram giveaway allows you to offer something for free in exchange for an Instagram like, comment, or other pre-determined requirement.
  • Cross-Promote Dedicated Hashtags: Creating a hashtag for your business is a good idea, such as #joeslocalplumbing. Make sure that your company hashtag is in your profile. Also, you can print your dedicated hashtag offline. Print it in print ads, on your receipts, relevant events, and on your store signage. Also, you can direct potential customers to use your dedicated hashtag through TV and radio. Ensure that it is integrated into all your marketing campaigns, including email blasts, your website, and social media profiles. 
  • Creative Hashtagging: Look beyond obvious and one-word hashtags when creating caption ideas. It’s okay to be outrageous, funny, and ironic than boring when creating your Instagram content. 
  • Participate in Popular Conversations: Using a combination of relevant hashtags, like #plumbingdiyrepair, is a good idea to expose your brand or business. Find the right people and show more intent by using specific hashtags, which act as long-tail keywords.
  • Take Advantage of the Powerful Bio URL: Highlight your Instagram profile by linking your bio to your company site homepage. You can use your bio’s clickable link to drive traffic and attract your target audience to your most popular or newest Instagram content.
  • Descriptive Captions: Use storytelling alongside your Instagram photos. It will generate sharing and engagement.
  • Influencer Marketing: Identify possible influencers (people who can influence others to avail your products and services) and visit their Instagram page and interact with them. Stay notified every time these influencers share new content by turning on your post notifications settings on your Instagram page.
  • Remove Unwanted Photos From Your Profile: You can hide unwanted tagged photos from your Instagram profile to ensure that your best user-generated content is featured. 

Like us, you spend a lot of time online communicating with your fans, whether that’s sharing news or other content or looking for their opinion about pop culture in general – and you guys cover just about every type of pop culture that inspires fandom! We know that marketing or communicating to niche audiences is different than how you might do so for a wide entertainment audience – this is a perfect opportunity to explain how.

The panel takes place Tuesday, March 15 at 3:30p at the Austin Convention Center.


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