The Good Wife – Episode 2-14 Review

An episode like “Net Worth” is very tricky. The main character, Alicia, is only tangentially involved in the legal case, because she’s all the way in Oregon helping her brother move and can only communicate through telephone. Also, the case is based on the movie Social Network, which is actually referenced in the episode (somehow, in this bizarre The Good Wife-universe, movies about programmers are popular enough that two are made around the same time), and absolutely skewers screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (who is an unlikable person in my opinion). There has to be a balance between maintaining current characters and plots, and still providing biting social commentary on a real life person.

For the most part, the episode does its job, showing how much of a loser the writer is and how he blatantly makes things up because the facts somehow fit the “truth” of a person. While bashing Aaron Sorkin, the writers also get to show how cool Mark Zuckerberg. The moral of the story: Don’t make up things about real people but it’s okay to refer to real person and paint them in a negative light.

When will the Will and Alicia drama end? Owen pushes Alicia to ask about the missed call (which, if you remember, was deleted by Eli), and she does exactly that. However, Will lies, telling her it was right for her to be back with Peter. And so, the plot rolls along with no end in sight.

In a very saucy scene between Kalinda and Blake, we finally learn the details about Bond and his plan to have Lockart Gardner help MS13 and their expanding operation in Chicago. What’s great about Kalinda and Blake is that it’s not romantic and not necessarily sexual. Their relationship is charged, always hanging on knife’s edge, and we just don’t know what will happen next.

Score: 8.6/10


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