Official: Shane Black to Helm Iron Man 3!

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It was just a week ago when we told you that Shane Black was in talks to both write and direct Iron Man 3. After Jon Favreau became hypnotized by the Mickey Mouse House (he’s now working on Magic Kingdom at Disney) that left a vacancy for the director’s chair for Iron Man 3.

While it is not yet confirmed if Black will be writing the script as well, he has entered final negotiations with Marvel Studios to direct.

The first Iron Man may have catapulted Robert Downey Jr. to superstardom, but it was 2005’s cult hit Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, written and directed by Shane Black, that helped to re-launch his career.

Ask most of the Inside Pulse Movies staff and they can probably rattle off more than a few of the movies Shane Black has scripted. He pretty much made the buddy cop pic an art form, pairing different races and personalities together (see Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout). He got the highest payday for a script with The Long Kiss Goodnight, and he was an unfortunate casualty to a predator in Predator.

Black hasn’t written or directed anything since KK, BB, but he’s currently working on Doc Savage for Sony Pictures, based on the classic pulp hero, and Warner Bros. has tapped him to direct a live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga series Death Note.

Now the question remains on if Harold “Happy” Hogan will be chauffeuring Tony Stark around town in the sequel. (In the previous Iron Man films Happy Hogan was played Jon Favreau.)

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