Brothers & Sisters – Episode 5-14 Review

After the changed anniversary date discovery last episode, Sarah’s paternity is questioned in “The One That Got Away.” Meanwhile Saul resists his budding romance with his old friend, Nora must decide if she wants to reconnect with Brody, and Luc tries to make Valentine’s Day romantic for Sarah.

Tommy reminds me why I never liked him in this episode. Sarah does him a favor and welcomes him into her company…then he makes a move without telling her, and acts all offended when she questions him about it. Then he makes her question her own paternity for no other reason than to get in a cheap shot during the argument. Even though Nora is shocked by the accusation and assures Sarah that she is William’s daughter, Sarah is still plenty confused and upset. Though the lighthearted preview focusing on Nora’s feelings for Brody indicates that the paternity question was just a catalyst for their relationship, the matter still isn’t fully resolved.

However, while Nora gave Rose a fantastic lecture about jumping to hurtful conclusions, I’m still plenty annoyed with Tommy’s fiancee. Her obsession with the Walker family tree seems totally unhealthy. If it turns out that there is no ulterior motive, then this aspect of Rose’s character is a supposedly quirky personality trait gone very wrong.

Despite the daddy drama, “The One That Got Away” feels like a laid-back transition episode. Nora, Sarah and Tommy get all the drama, while everything else in the episode is pure Valentine’s Day fluff. Justin helping Luc is barely a storyline, and really isn’t interesting or funny. But I like the scene where Luc and Sarah talk about their relationship. Unrealistic as they may be, they are a good couple.

Throughout all this, Saul and Scotty panic when Jonathan says a critic he’s friends with has made a reservation at the restaurant under a fake name. Still in denial of his feelings for Jonathan, Saul encourages him to accept the gay critic’s invitation to dinner in hopes that the connection will inspire a good review. (This leads to Scotty’s Laverne and Shirley line, which is hilarious.) Distracted by petty jealousy, Saul accidentally causes Jonathan to have an allergic reaction, which makes him and the critic leave before they can have dessert. Jonathan and Saul talk out what happened, then end up sharing a kiss, finally admitting their feelings towards each other.

So even though it’s not a significant episode, I am even more interested to see what happens when the family meets Nora’s old flame. “Brody” airs February 20th.

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