EXW Xtreme Tuesday 02.15.2011 — Derick Neikirk, Val Venis, The Freak Squad

Xtreme Tuesday – February 15th, 2010

Dark Match
Kyle Hawk
Shadow Fox

Very rarely have I seen a dark match from this company, but I think it’s something they should hang on to. EXW has been pretty famous for having such solid opening matches and/or promos, which often times don’t receive the reaction they aim for because everyone is either finding their seats or chit chatting. But this dark match was a no pressure goldmine, and the fans reacted immediately. Shadow Fox was involved in the Battle Royale at Bad Intentions but my focus was pulled in every direction, so I was excited to see him one on one. He was a small little man, but you’d never know it by the deafening chops he delivered. He was thoroughly impressive, and Hawk was, as well. I especially enjoyed the tap-out victory.
Winner: Kyle Hawk

Match #1
Ray Basura

This was the first real match of the night, and I thought it was a complete success. Both men were showcased in a fantastic fashion, and fed off of each other well. Though nothing ground-breaking or earth-shattering happened, it was still a solid match. Sal almost looks best when he’s smooching the mat, as even I jump at the hits he took. Basura, whom I still have yet to figure out, seems to be making himself right at home, and looks great while doing so.
Winner: Ray Basura

The Freak Squad’s all-too-catchy music cued up, and out waltzes their manager, Johnny Roxx with his new segment, “On the Roxx”. Wasting little time, he called for Val Venis and Derick Neikirk to enter. It was then that the former announcer tore the two men apart, pointing out their past low points, such as Val’s loss to D-Lo Brown for the European Championship and Derick’s rage-induced destruction of the locker room after a loss to Test. In an attempt to point out how unreliable Derick is as a tag-team partner, he reminded Val of when Derick Superkicked Mike Knox after a loss. He promised their implosion, and inevitable loss to the Freak Squad just long enough for the Freaks to run out and attack. Officials tried unsuccessfully for quite some time to peel the men off of each other, and the fans were ready for their match later on in the evening.

Match #2
Chuey Martinez
Shane Stratmore

Now, I’m going to go back to being a broken record, but I’ve never been a fan of face/face matches. These men are both enthralling to watch and I always enjoy their matches, I just think the lack of balance throws everything off, in my own opinion. I’m a woman who loves the heat. Regardless, I still enjoyed this match, for the most part. Everything jived together fairly well, but the finish was a bit odd, as Shane pinned Chuey, whose foot was touching the ropes, and the referee seemed to notice it but still ended the match…aside from that confusion, two thumbs up.
Winner: Shane Stratmore

Match #3
Moshpit Mike and Miracle Mike James
Johnny Manson and Manimal
Round two of the Tag Team Tournament

It’s still nice to see tag teams flourishing in this company, where others completely disregard them. This was the first of the night in the continuation of the tournament, and the fans were hungry for it. The two Mikes ganged up on Johnny Manson magnificently, commanding the attention and flowing together. The battle raged on, and even though I had my doubts about the two taped-together tag teams, I feel as though they really rocked it.
Winner(s): Moshpit Mike and Miracle Mike James

It was then that Sheik came out, beckoning for the Elite Champion, Andrew Hellman. The champ was informed that he had this one opportunity to prove he was worthy of the strap he cradled, and he would put the title on the line in the following contest.

Match #4
Andrew Hellman
Kyle Hawk
Elite Championship Defense

I was curious to see if Hawk had enough gas in the tank after already competing earlier in the evening. Especially going against the malicious Hellman, who came off extremely strong. He tore apart the young Kyle Hawk, who impressed with his focus and intensity. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again—Hellman was an early favorite, and tonight I was reminded why. Even though he could have easily pinned Hawk for the win, he instead pulled the broken star’s shoulders up, not once but twice. He was attempting to “teach him a lesson” as he toyed with his prey, but quickly enough he pinned him.
Winner: Andrew Hellman

Match #5
Cutler Wright
Rexx Reed
Number One Contender for the Elite Championship

It’s easy to see why companies such as Dragon Gate USA would want to get their hands on Rexx Reed. He demonstrated what a powerhouse he truly is against the Vegas-born star. This long-awaited rematch between the two did not disappoint, as most of the war was fought outside of the ring. In fact, Reed sent Wright crashing into the hard floor with revolting thud. The back and forth was intense, as I was began to wonder who would come up victorious. After a stunning show of strength from both men and a blur of action, one man would challenge Hellman at Up For Grabs.
Winner: Cutler Wright

Match #6
The Freak Squad
Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli and Frenchy Riviera
Team Elite
Derick Neikirk and Val Venis
Round two of the Tag Team Tournament

As all four of my favorites crammed into the ring, I knew something special was going to happen. You really can’t go wrong; you have the talent, the personality, the heat-seeking manager, and the tantalizing face of the beautiful valet, Terra Calaway.  Though the start was dominated by Johnny Roxx’s interaction with the fans, as well as Val and Derick, it picked up right quick. The Freaks impressed, as Dom displayed the entertainment, and Frenchy displayed his immense power. All hell broke loose, but it all really hit the fan when Tyson Tyler and Lawrence Tyler appeared, paying them back for causing their elimination from the tournament at the last show by distracting them long enough for the Freaks to win.
Winner(s): The Freak Squad

I could tell you all to guess what happened next, but I think it’s pretty much assumed that a brawl broke out between Val, Derick, Tyson, and Lawrence. Everything went down outside the ring, so close to our poor little table that the aroma of their sweat raped our senses. This caused Sheik to run out and inform them that he was adding a match to the Up For Grabs card. All four men would participate in a tornado tag, and whichever man gained the pinfall would receive the Heavyweight Championship.

Val and Derick were the last two left in the ring. Val wanted to ensure that Neikirk’s head was still in the game, and that they were on the same page. Once it was clear that they were, both men retreated, and we were perfectly set up for the upcoming show in Payson.

Up For Grabs card:

Chuey Martinez and Shane Stratmore
Ray Basura and Sal
“Last Chance” Tag Team Match
Winners face Moshpit Mike and Miracle Mike James
Tag Team Tournament

Johnny Manson

Andrew Hellman (c)
Cutler Wright
Elite Championship Title Defense

Derick Neikirk (c) and Val Venis
Tyson Tyler and Lawrence Tyler
Tornado Tag Team Match
Man who gains the pinfall wins the title


I know I’ll be in Payson, Arizona for the one year anniversary of this ever-growing, captivating company. They have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, but more on that once I write that review. If you’re not tuning in for EXW yet, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

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