Marvel Announces Big New Spider-Man Event To Kick Off With Infested In April

Press Release

Marvel is pleased to announce Infested, an all new series of short stories beginning in Amazing Spider-Man #659, leading into the biggest Spider-Man event of the year – Spider Island! And to set the stage, a whole cavalcade of superstar artists like Barry Kitson, Lee Garbett and Emma Rios join the red-hot Dan Slott for a Spidey spectacular that’ll have fans talking for years to come!

“Infested is giving readers the first adumbrations of a threat that’s been slowly creeping toward Spidey’s life for decades,” said Marvel Senior Editor, Stephen Wacker. “Dan along with some guest artists set the readers on a dangerous course that leads right to Amazing Spider-Man #666…and beyond.”

Spider-Man has gone toe-to-toe with the biggest and baddest villains of the Marvel Universe, but nothing can prepare him for what he’ll be up against next! So pack your bags and get ready to jump on the road to the biggest Spider-Man event of the year starting with Infested, only in Amazing Spider-Man #659!

Written by DAN SLOTT
Pencils and Cover by STEFANO CASELLI
Rated A .$3.99
FOC-4/4/11, On-Sale-4/27/11

When was the last time we had a big Spider-Man centric Marvel event? Spider-Island, just going by what I can see in this pic, is telling me that we’re going to see a lot of people with Spider-powers, and presumably they’ll have an island. The X-Men are mutants and they also have an island that they got out of an event. I’m not sure if this is relevant. We can also see that this looks to be a full on Marvel event, as you can see the bodies of everyone from Reed Richards to Ms. Marvel to Gravity, and hey look, there’s a knocked out Thor.

I’ll admit it, I’m curious, and I’m a little bit antsy for some more information. Stupid teasers.

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