Parks and Recreation – Episode 3-5 Recap

Ben is a train wreck in “Media Blitz,” flubbing lines all over the place from the start. We saw signs that he might not be the best with people when he was talking with the cops, but he breaks down in the episode and it only gets worse once The Douche asks him about bankrupting his old city. It’s actually a fair point outside of the comedic value, and is worth explaining to the community why there’s this guy who seems to not know how to handle money.

Leslie is the great savior, with her uncanny ability to talk about anything, and manages to save the day by delivering a bombshell interview. In the end, Leslie and Tom can have a good laugh over Ben and not feel bad about their jobs.

Meanwhile, Ron helps Andy with April, and they kiss in the end, concluding a season of teasing. However, Chris remains oblivious to the hints Ann continues to drop, and it’s getting to the point where it’s getting stale. Chris is a good guy, but he’s a little too dopey when he clearly can’t see the big picture.

All in all, “Media Blitz” is a solid episode with lots of jokes during the interviews and a good call back of Ben’s driving motivations, his bankrupting of his hometown.

Score: 9.0/10


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