Red Band Trailer for Hall Pass Finally Makes it Funny

The first trailer for Hall Pass just didn’t do it for me. Maybe it was because the jokes weren’t funny. Or maybe it was because it showed a cameo of Joy Behar. Or it could be because The Farrelly Brothers have been milking the success of There’s Something About Mary for far too long. While there have been flashes of comedic genius in comedies like The Heartbreak Kid and Shallow Hal, the duo has had to contend with the rise of Judd Apatow and the Frat Pack crew in the early part of the 21st century as they try to be relevant in comedy.

But with the red band trailer to Hall Pass, it may be time to vindicate the Farrelly brothers. Courtesy of The Playlist (via Digital Spy), the trailer is a big improvement over the original green trailer, with some very big laughs from Richard Jenkins and Jason Sudeikis. Though it is isn’t made clear in the trailers, while Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate give their hubbies (Owen Wilson and Sudeikis) hall passes, is it safe to assume that they also have the freedom to get into naughty – Hey Farva, what’s the name of that restaurant – shenanigans.

Hall Pass also features J.B. Smoove and Stephen Merchant. The story centers on two horny guys whose wives’ (who aren’t that bad on the eyes, and actually banged the stars of Taladega Nights, but in separate movies) allow them one week to pursue extramarital sex without consequences. While I’m expecting a comedy of errors on actually completing Operation Nookie, they could actually find women willing to sleep with them. On the otherhand, their wives may cheat on them with the likes of Luke Wilson and Ben Stiller. You never know.

Hall Pass opens February 25th.

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Source: The Playlist