Strikeforce Challengers 14: Lyle Beerbohm vs. Pat Healy Live Results and Play by Play

Join Inside Fights tonight as we cover all the action from the Strikeforce Challengers card which is emanating from Cedar Park, Texas and will be broadcast nation wide on Showtime starting at 11pm EST. The televised portion of the card will feature five bouts and will be headlined by Lyle Beerbohm as he puts his undefeated record on the line against Pat “Bam Bam” Healy. Below we have listed the full card for the evening including the two prelim bouts and please check back in once the show begins for live and continuously updated results.

Main Card

Lightweight Bout: Lyle Beerbohm (155.75) vs. Pat Healy (155.5)

Catchweight Bout (160 pounds): Carlo Prater (160) vs. Bryan Travers (159.75)

Lightweight Bout: Ryan Couture (155.5) vs. Lee Higgins (154.5)

Welterweight Bout: Erik Apple (170.75) vs. Ryan Larson (170.25)

Catchweight Bout (150 pounds): David Douglas (150) vs. Nick Gonzalez (150)

Preliminary Card

Lightweight Bout: Ousmane Thomas Diagne (154.75) vs. Aaron Franco (155)

Featherweight Bout: Dennis Dombrow (145.25) vs. Drew Pendleton (145.25)

In the meantime check out my match by match breakdown of the card complete with my predictions as to what will go down here.

Hello, this is Chris Roberts from Inside Fights bringing you all the live coverage. I see Showtime rolled out the dream announce team of Ranallo, Quadros, and Miletich…what no Gus Johnson tonight? Ah well.

Catchweight Bout (150 pounds)

David Douglas (5-2) vs. Nick Gonzalez (16-8)

Round 1- Douglas comes out swinging with both hands and hands some of those wicked blows. Douglas catches him with a big left and Gonzalez gets drops. Douglas swarms him hitting him with everything he can, Gonzalez is in big trouble. He rolls over to try and escape the wrath but in the process gives up with back and Douglas recognizes it instantly. He gets the hooks in and grabs a super tight rear naked choke and earns his first ever submission victory.

David Douglas def. Nick Gonzalez via Submission, Round 1 (1:05)

Welterweight Bout

Erik Apple (10-2) vs. Ryan Larson (5-2)

Round 1- Ranallo ain’t joking when he says that these two are near mirror images. Lots of feeling out to begin though Apple is pushing the pace more. Apple presses him against the cage and keeps going for a takedown. Larson goes for a few knees but can’t land either of them. Apple throws a big right but doesn’t do much with it. Larson responds with a takedown and quickly passes guard. Soon Larson is able to secure a crucifix and starts exploiting his new found advantage. Larson keeps working hard, sort of moves into North/South and is fixating on the kimura. Apple defends it well so Larson retreats back to a crucifix. Back to a kimura attempt, Apple counters with a hammerfist and Larson uses the opportunity to try and take his back. He can’t but grabs a heel hook. Again Apple’s defense is tight. Apple manages his own heel hook and this one looks dangerous. Larson waits it out and the round ends thus being saved by the bell. 10-9 Larson.
Round 2- Larson wastes no time at all taking Apple down against the cage. He tries to go straight to full mount but can’t quite pull it off. Larson keeps working but Apple snags his head and goes for a guillotine that doesn’t really work out. Larson pops out of it and almost gets full mount again, this time Apple gives up the back to get away from it. Larson puts on a body triangle and starts working on a choke. Larson starts to land left hands to the head and neck of Apple. Apple rolls into a back mount triangle, Larson tries for a second to get the armbar but soon realizes that his best bet is the triangle itself, rolls Apple into a front triangle and gets the man to submit.
Ryan Larson def. Erik Apple via Submission, Round 2 (3:14)
Lightweight Bout
Ryan Couture (1-0) vs. Lee Higgins (2-0)
Round 1- Neither man wants to commit early on. Couture relies on some leg kicks to find his distance. A minute and a half in and nothing has really transpired. Higgins charges with a combo that does little to no damage. Higgins becomes more comfortable throwing strikes. Couture still leaning on that inside leg kick. Crowd starts to give them shit which is sort of justified at this point. Couture is being extremely cautious here. Couture goes for a sharp body kick, Higgins catches the leg and takes him down but Couture uses it to try for the guillotine. Higgins escapes but with ten seconds left Couture locks on the D’Arce choke. Higgins keeps moving and rolling and survives til the end of the round. 10-9 Couture though the judges may have seen it differently, not a lot of action and it is only because of Couture’s late submission attempts that I am giving it to him.
Round 2- Higgins is more aggressive here, punches his way through Couture’s defense and the two find themselves in the clinch. Couture hits him with a knee, they separate. Couture looks to breathing deeply here early in the 2nd round. Higgins still trying to push forward with his fists. Couture tries a left high kick but whiffs it. More clinch, Couture hits him square on the jaw and drops him but Higgins pops right back up. Couture takes him back down and after a bit of time takes the full mount. He puts on a nice looking body triangle and begins working towards an arm triangle. hey roll, Couture takes the back and puts the hooks in. Higgins is doing well defending against the rear naked choke. Couture squeezes the body triangle and starts landing obligatory shots to the side of Higgins’ head. And that is how the round ends. 10-9 Couture and not nearly as close this time around.
Round 3- Higgins goes right for the takedown but Couture blocks it without much effort. Tie up along the cage, Couture stays slightly busier. The ref gets on their case to advance. Higgins is trying and trying to land the takedown but he simply cannot do it and is depleting his gas tank in the process. Couture is throwing a lot but not in a reckless manner. Couture went for something then pulled out and Higgins take the opportunity to grab his back. He’s unable to hold it for long as Couture counters and scores a takedown. From there the fight begins to resemble the last round as Couture takes the back and puts the body triangle on. It must have worn him down as Couture gets a rear named choke on. Higgins looks to be going out but at the last second he removes the arm from his neck. Couture gets another choke and then another one after that and finally he taps moving Couture up to 2-0.
Ryan Couture def. Lee Higgins via Submission, Round 3 (4:41)
Catchweight Bout (160 pounds)
Carlos Prater (25-10-1) vs. Bryan Travers (14-2)
Round 1-Both come out ready to bang. They tie up within seconds but Prater steals a single leg takedown and goes for a D’Arce choke instantly. Travers defense fails him and within seconds Prater had literally put Travers to sleep. Hope you weren’t on a beer run for that one.
Carlos Prater def. Bryan Travers via Submission, Round 1 (0:38)
Lightweight Bout
Lyle Beerbohm (16-0) vs. Pat Healy (25-17)
Round 1- Head kick by Beerbohm to open and then right for a takedown, Healy sprawls to avoid it though. Beerbohm is able to tie Healy up in the clinch along the cage. Healy catches a kick from Beerbohm and gets the takedown. Beerbohm stands up out of and pushes Healy back up to the cage. Beerbohm lands some short punches then hits a massive takedown, Healy rolls out of it and we once again find them tied up in the clinch. They start to box and Beerbohm is getting the better of it. Beerbohm slides around back and takes the back and then climbs out high on Healy’s. Healy slides him off, Beerbohm goes for the kimura but Healy is too smart for that and grabs Beerbohm’s back. the two grapple for position as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Beerbohm.
Round 2- Beerbohm goes for a takedown straight away. Healy blocks it so once agin the two are tied up along the fence. Beerbohm takes a sluggish looking takedown but cannot capitalize on it. It’s surprising how much bigger Healy is than Beerbohm. Tie up along the cage, the two wrestle their way to the mat and Healy grabs a triangle choke but it never gets locked in and Beerbohm slips out of it. Tie up along the cage. Beerbohm lands a shot or two but Healy doesn’t seem bothered. The two move to the cage and then to the mat. Healy gets the inverted triangle choke on and a keylock. Beerbohm stays alive but he doesn’t seem comfortable. Healy transfers over to a crucifix and pounds away on Beerbohm. He can’t seal the deal however and the round comes to a close. Ultra close round but I’ll say 10-9 Healy but what do I know?
Round 3- Beerbohm appears to be gassed. Healy lands a few jabs and then Beerbohm comes back with a combo. Big kick from Beerbohm, Healy continues to jab away. Tie up along the cage, Healy tries some Muay Thai knees but can’t get much done with them. Healy scores a takedown and then is able to lock on a rear naked choke. He isn’t in perfect position however and Beerbohm gets out of it. Beerbohm passes guard and takes side mount. He looks like he might try an arm triangle but abandons is quickly. There is some world class wrestling going on here. Healy powers his way through to another poorly executed rear naked choke to of course Beerbohm escapes once again. A little stand up action to finish the round, Healy lands some jabs, Beerbohm goes in for a takedown but Healy sprawls away from it. The two swing frrely to finish the round and the fight. This round is even closer than the last. Wow…um, I’ll say 10-9 Healy but that was a razor thin margin.
Inside Fights scores the fight 29-28 for Healy

Pat Healy def. Lyle Beerbohm via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

And that should be it for tonight. Thank you for joining me and my apologies for the spacing difficulties I was having here tonight. As always stay tuned to Inside Fights for news, analysis, opinion and interviews. Good night.

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