The Secret Of NIMH scurries onto Blu-Ray!

Don Bluth’s animated classic, The Secret Of NIMH (1982) is finally coming to Blu-Ray March 29th!

Based on the novel Mrs. Frisby & The Rats Of NIMH (1971), the film tells the story of Mrs. Brisby, a mouse mom who tends to her ill son Timmy. But she needs medicin. Things get even worse when the farmer decides to plow the field early. If Timmy is moved he will most certainly die. Perhaps all this wouldn’t be so bad if her husband hasn’t recently died.

So with the help of some animal friends, including a crow named Jeremy (Dom DeLuise) she tracks down the mysterious rats of NIMH that hide out in the rosebush. It turns out these rats escaped from a laboratory where they were experimented on and thus they are smarter and more evolved than other animals. Brisby learns that her husband was one of a few mice that escaped with them and they held him in high regard.

However, moving the Brisby home won’t be easy. While rats Nicodemus and Jeremy are all for helping the Brisby family, there are others like Jenner who could care less about the mice.

This is one of the greatest animated films to come out of the ’80s and while it might be a little dark for some kids, the rest are sure to love it!

What really excites me about this release is that not only will it be in glorious high-definition, but it will be presented in widescreen 1.85:1 for the very first time! All previous VHS and DVD releases have been full screen. It will be like watching the film again for the first time!

While MGM has given it a date and a price (MSRP is $19.99, but is now available for pre-order at Amazon for $13.99), no special features have been announced. As soon as we hear about them, we’ll let you know!

In the meantime, enjoy this nice mash-up of The Secret of NIMH and Christopher Nolan’s Inception.