Kobe Bryant and Robert Rodriguez Take a Meeting in Black Mamba Short

Still waiting for Robert Rodriguez to do Sin City 2? Yeah, me too. But in the mean time, he has developed a full length short film, The Black Mamba, in conjunction with Nike and basketball star Kobe Bryant.

The short film is a movie about the making of another movie. Rodriguez takes a meeting with Bryant, pitching him the movie concept about a hero called “The Black Mamba.” As he describes it, we get to see what he envisions. In the course of six minutes, Bryant squares off against “The Crippler” (Danny Trejo), and runs into “Mister Suave,” a well dressed man with a chrome dome (Bruce Willis) before squaring off against some zombiefied basketball players (think of it as Zombie, not Space, Jam) who were commissioned by Kanye West. The concept is not that far removed from Rodriguez’s wheelhouse, especially with Grindhouse and Machete.

Maybe if it goes viral a sequel will be made. I mean who wouldn’t want to see The Black Mamba tangle with somebody like the Biebster and do us all a favor and take him out.

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Source: The Playlist