Inside Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 PPV Report: John Cena, The Miz, Trish Stratus!

Alberto Del Rio comes out to cut a promo. Then Kofi comes out. It’s a non title match!

Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio
Kofi comes down and we are right into the match. Kofi controls to start then Del Rio begins to dominate. Del Rio working on the arm. Finally Kofi climbs up the corner and jumps backwards at Del Rio for a double knock down. Kofi on offense. Boom drops! Doing Thunder Claps. It’s almost like he’s from Jamaica, man. Goes for Trouble in Paradise but countered by ADR into a cover for 2. Del Rio on offense, goes for a Carlito-like double knee breaker thing. Gets 2. Booker T calls him “Dawg”. Kofi with a desperation kick, knocking down Del Rio. Kofi is also down for a moment as the ref is distracted by the Spanish Ring Announcer. Kofi covers, gets 2. Cool flip-a-roo move by Kofi on Del Rio. Only gets 2. Del Rio rebounds and locks in the arm bar for the submission win.
Winner: Del Rio

Todd Grisham interviews Edge backstage. He’s the champ, etc. Drew McIntyre comes over, Grisham leaves. Edge and Drew chat about the title and Kelly Kelly.

Elimination Chamber video package.

World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Kane vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Wade Barrett vs. Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Edge (c)
Teddy Long comes out after Kane, Drew and Wade are introduced. He then introduces Dolph Ziggler’s replacement in the Chamber. Edge and Rey start us out. Good work to start back and forth. Edge beating Rey against the cage wall, and Rey is selling like a champ. Countdown and the first chamber is… Wade Barrett. He comes in and beats everyone up – Wade covers for 2 on Edge. He rolls out and Wade goes to work on Rey. He has Rey on his back for Wasteland, uses Rey to knock over Edge but then loses Rey, who eventually sets up 619. Edge blocks it with a big boot and covers Rey for 2. Why would he break up the 619 there. Countdown to the next guy – Kane. Comes out and punches everyone to oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Until they go silent. Booker T is really rambling. All guys are brawling and random covering. More brawling until the next countdown – it’s Drew McIntyre. He bursts out and goes right to work on Rey. Launches Rey into the side of the Chamber with a loud bang. Drew crotches Wade on the middle rope then sends HIM into the side of the Chamber with a loud noise. Drew and Edge in the ring, Edge hits a DDT and both are down. Edge gets up and sets up for a spear but Kane grabs him by the throat. Edge floats back and Rey hits 619 on Kane but Kane moves. Kane throws Rey into a Chamber to a loud bang. Kane backdrops Drew onto Wade who drops him. The last countdown and out comes Big Show to a mild pop. He knocks down some people then stalks Wade around the Chamber. Tracks him down, Big Punch and Wade is pinned and first eliminated by Big Show. Edges attacks and covers Show for 2. Future Shock DDT by Drew on Show for 2. Rey has climbed on top of a Chamber and hits a West Coast Pop on Show and Show tossed him off at 2.619 on Show. “he just dialed him up” – Booker T. Kane gets a chokeslam on Big Show for the pin. Then he pins Drew. Double chokeslam attempt on Edge and Rey, who escape, but then are double clotheslined. Kane goes to work on Rey, who hits a DDT for 2. Rey with a springboard legdrop on Kane for 2. Rey sets up for 619 on Kane and actually hits it! Goes up top for a West Coast Pop, but Kane catches him. Edge spears them both and then pins Kane and Rey together. I think Kane is officially pinned there. After Kane is pinned, he attacks Edge further. We’re down to Edge and Rey, who also started the match. Kane is chokeslamming everyone. So he pinned 2 guys and is clearing house – I didn’t expect this Elimination Chamber match to be a Kane showcase. Edge and Rey are going at it back and forth. Really close nearfall by Rey gets a huge pop. Edge grabs Rey out of a 619 and turns it into a submission – Matthew Michaels calls it the Edge-A-Cater. Rey rolls up Edge and gets 2 and breaks up the submission. Edge hits the spear but Rey kicks out! Edge is upset he didn’t get the win on the spear. Rey sets up a 619, hits it and the splash, only 2! Cole calls it an “unbelievable match”. They fight up, rey sets up another 619… Rey to the top and leaps off — MID-AIR SPEAR! That gets three.

Winner: Edge

1) Big Show pins Wade Barrett
2) Kane pins Big Show
3) Kane pins McIntyre
4) Edge pins Kane
5) Edge pins Mysterio

After the match, Alberto Del Rio comes down to beat down Edge. He does some beatings until Christian returns and makes the save. Nice pop for Christian. Edge and Christian celebrate.

Promo for the Rock

Backstage Jerry Lawler cuts a solemn promo about his mind being on his mother, who passed away.

Booker T is introduced with his intro and comes to the ring to cut a promo about Tough Enough. It’s Trish Stratus! Nice pop for Stratus, who is brunette for those keeping score at home. They cut some awkward promo about Tough Enough, which the crowd isn’t particularly loving. Trish says she has a new catchphrase, and says “Finally the Trish has come back to Oakland” Also uses millions and millions, and suckaaaaa. She finishes with a crotch chop. Booker T says “tell me she did not just say that”. Booker botches the Tough Enough plug and finishes with a Can You Dig It SUCKA which the crowd helps with.

WWE Tag Team Titles
Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov (c) vs. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater
Booker T is obsessed with Big Zeke at ringside for the start. Koslov dominating until HEEL INTERFERENCE and the Corre takes control. Hot tag to Santino who hips tosses Gabriel onto Slater. Cobra on Gabriel but Slater is the legal man. Cole to Booker T – could you use ANY more cliches tonight? Booker T – Yes. Koslov back in, Gabriel hits the 450 for the pin and the tag titles.
Winners and NEW champs: Gabriel & Slater

Out comes Vickie Guerrero for a promo to huge heat. Excuse Me! She cuts a promo about Dolph Ziggler. Crowd has heat throughout as she continues to whine about Dolph. Teddy Long comes out to his theme, and interupts Vickie. She is so sorry and Dolph is so sorry too. She asks him to look inside his heart and do the right thing and rehire Dolph. Teddy responds that he’s in a hiring mood. He didn’t hire Dolph back – instead it’s Kelly Kelly! She gets a nice pop and chases Vickie around the ring until they both get into the ring. Lay Cool comes down for the save and they team up on Kelly. Then Trish Stratus comes down to even the odds, but Lay Cool beat her down. Into the ring. Beatdown continues. Trish with a rebound with a try at the handspring headscissors on Layla in the corner but it doesn’t go well for her. In her defense she has pretty high heels on. Neverending segment.

Nice promo of Lawler’s career with some vintage footage from Memphis, continuing into the current storyline vs. The Miz.

WWE Title
The Miz (c) w/Alex Riley vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Lock up to start and a quick roll-up gets two. Circling and a go behind by the Miz. Whip, and Jerry reverses in to a backslide for two. Small package for two. Lawler using good old guy strategy by trying to go for the quick win. Miz tries to take control and a quick clothesline by Lawler for two. Shoulderblock for Lawler and a mid-crossbody for two. Lawler with 10 punches in the corner.and Miz goes out of the ring. Miz shoves Jerry in to the post after an A-Rye distraction. Miz with control rolls Lawler in the ring for two. Miz chokes Lawler on the second rope and Riley gets in a cheap shot. Miz with a leaping clothesline in the corner. Mugs for boos when the king goes down. Miz climbs the ropes and Lawler nuts him. Jerry climbs up — slugfest at the top. Superplex by Lawler for two. Dropkick by Lawler. Another dropkick! Backdrop. Falling punch by the king for two. Jerry keeps control. Miz tries to reverse a scoopslam but Lawler stops it. Lawler bounces in to the ropes and Riley trips Lawler. The referee tosses Riley and Cole screams “YES!” before remembering he’s a bad guy. Dumbass. Jerry keeps control and sets Miz up for a piledriver. Miz reverses and kicks Lawler down for two. Lawler keeps control. Cole screams in Lawler’s face, distracting him for the Miz. Miz shoves Lawler back first in to the apron then tries to slam Lawler in to table. Lawler reverses and then throws a Miz in to a tantruming Michael cole. Lawler throws Miz in to the ring climbs to the top. Top rope punch gets two. Miz starts to get the skull-crushing finale but Lawler reverses. Miz tries for reverse facelock but Jerry reverses in to a DDT. Jerry takes the strap down and hits the second rope punch. Miz gets his foot on the rope at two. Lawler stands up and pulls Miz up… Booker is yelling about Dre and Snoop Dogg. Miz reverses teh piledriver in to a pin for two. Lawler reverses in to two. Lawler stands and Miz catches the Skull-Crushing Finale for the pin.

Winner: Miz via Skull-Crushing Finale.

Post-match, Cole celebrates in the ring with Miz. Lawler gets his music played on the walk out.

Cena eats Fruity Pebbles backstage. Which conveniently has a caption on the box that says “ROCKS YOUR ENTIRE MOUTH!” I hope that was intentional. Cena has nothing to say about Monday.

Punk says he is 3-0 against Cena. And that Cena has a blind spot when it comes to him.
WWE Title #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match
Randy Orton vs. R-Truth vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. John Cena vs. Sheamus
Morrison and Sheamus start it off. They have some nice back and forth action. Sheamus controls. Beating down Morrison around the ring and into the outside area. Sheamus controls as the countdown reveals the first entrant – Randy Orton. He gets a big pop and goes right after Sheamus. Orton is in full control and slows the pace down to a crawl. Or “methodically” for Orton workrate fans. Orton hits a superplex on Morrison. Then one for Sheamus. Covers Sheamus for a 2 count. Countdown for the next person – it’s CM Punk. But the door is locked! Long build to get Punk out of the cage and almost instant RKO and he’s pinned. After that elimination, the GM chime sounds to huge boos. Cole reads the statement: Due to a malfunctioning pod, CM Punk was not given a fair chance to compete. And so Punk is back in the match. Match resumes and Sheamus covers Orton for 2. Nice three way spot with Morrison, Sheamus and Orton floating out of each other’s signature moves. Countdown to the next entrant… and it’s John Cena. Sheamus attacks right in the pod and stomps a mudhole in Cena. All four brawl. Punk is back in a pod waiting a future countdown as per the GM. Orton and Sheamus going at it one on one with Cena and Morrison to the side. Next countdown comes with still no eliminations, and next is R-Truth. Sheamus positions himself to pounce on Truth, but Truth is ready and he goes on the offense. Truth getting in some spots on various people around the ring. Cool kick on Morrison. Sheamus blind sides Truth with a Brogue Kick for the pin and first elimination. Brawling around, and it settles to a Cena vs Orton punchfest with the crowd booing and cheering along with Orton. Countdown to the last pod, and CM Punk is once again in the match. As Orton prepares for Punk, Cena grabs Orton on his back, but Orton hits RKO on Cena. Punk goes to cover Orton but there is a rope break apparently in the EC. Into the ring, and Punk hits GTS on Orton for the pin, Wow. Morrison on top of a pod. Sheamus goes up for a move, but Morrison climbs to the top of the EC and falls awkwardly onto Sheamus. Kinda cool. Sheamus is pinned. We’re down to Cena, Punk and Morrison. Cena is leaned up against a pod, Morrison runs at him, Cena moves and Morrison just splats into the plexiglass in an awesome visual. Punk pulls Cena into the ring with a submission called the Anaconda Vice but I’m not sure it’s him. Cena trying to escape from the submission. Cena lifts Punk up onto his shoulders out of the submission, and Morrison comes off the top and clotheslines Punk Heart-Attack style. Attitude Adjustment by Cena on Morrison. Kick by Punk on Cena. Everyone is down. Punk up first and does a springboard kick to Cena. Covers on the metal ramp on the side. Punk attempts a Monkey Flip on Morrison, but Morrison catches the side of the pod and flies back at Punk. Morrison up top, Punk kicks him down, hits a Go To Sleep and Punk pins Morrison. Cena grabs Punk onto his shoulders, but Punk grabs the top rope. Cena dumps Punk over the top rope onto the metal on the side of the ring and pins Punk. Really good Chamber match.
Winner: John Cena

So it will be John Cena vs. The Miz and Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the title matches at Wrestlemania 27.

1) Sheamus pins Truth
2) Punk pins Orton
3) Morrison pins Sheamus
4) Punk pins Morrison
5) Cena pins Punk

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