10 Thoughts on WWE RAW 02.21.2011 – The Undertaker/Triple H Return!, Cena/Miz Tag Champs?, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz

Welcome to the 2.21.11 edition of WWE RAW!  With The Rock back, Trish returning last night, the ‘surprise’ video packages meaning will be revealed, and the winner of the RAW Elimination Chamber revealed, this Monday Night shall be spectacular. And now here are my 10 Thoughts on Monday Night RAW!

1.  RAW opens with Cena taking Rock up a notch by going a little old school himself.  It’s back to The Doctor Of Thuganomics as Cena says there is only one way he knows how to call someone out.  Seeing this brought back some edgy memories of how he used to be.  It really showed how PG he has become from his almost R promos.  It was a great comeback to The Rock and makes me wonder why they are doing this unless Rock is going to fight Cena (like I wish), or Rocky is going to be the special guest referee, which isn’t that bad of an option. 

2.  The Punk/Morrison match was rather short, but not a bad match.  Punk’s post-match beatdown by ‘Randal’ looked fierce and makes me anxious to see the confrontation between these two.  It’s going to be a really intense battle.

3.  Alberto Del Rio came out in wrestling attire, but Kofi jumped him before he could get to the ring.  ADR preceeded to tear Kofi’s arm apart on the ring post.  I just wonder… was ADR coming out to cut a promo in wrestling gear or did his opponent just forfeit after witnessing the beatdown?

4.  The Miz was on his A-game tonight.  His promo was amazing tieing in The Rock and John Cena, which just leads me to think that the referee bit is going to happen.

5.  I must admit that I wasn’t sure how the Bella Twins were going to work as heels, but they really have impressed me.  The Divas appear to be finally developing some character and creating some interesting storylines.  The Heel Bella Twin switcheroo actually went over well, another shock to me.

6.  Hearing the Gong only made me hold my face in disappointment, but hearing Motorhead definitely made this whole angle worth it.  Now revealing The Deadman a week ahead made a little more sense.

6a.  Seeing The Game and The Deadman face-to-face made the whole angle worth it.  These are the kinds of memories that the Road to WrestleMania needs.

7.  Well I guess a Big Show DVD was inevitable, but I hope WWE isn’t expecting a huge payoff for that.

8.  After Sheamus’s loss to Mark Henry, he had a confrontation with Daniel Bryan.  That’s a match that I’d pay to see if given the time for a great match.

9.  Hacksaw Duggan is announced as the 2nd entrant into the Hall of Fame this year.  Congratulations to Hacksaw and it’s about time the 2×4 wielding HOOO man got his introduction.  And who better to be introduced by than his fellow Rat Pack member Ted DiBiase?

10.  When Michael Cole even mentioned Jerry’s deceased mother in the interview, not only did Jerry turn a nice shade of red and look like he was ready to kill Cole, but the audience automatically erupted with displeasure with Cole.  I was ready for Lawler to piledrive Cole through the floorboards, WWE rules banning it or not.

Bonus Thoughts:

11.  I’m not sure how well the Tough Enough concept is going to work since NXT is still going on, but it has my attention.  With trainers like Steve Austin, Booker T, and Trish Stratus, it’s sure to be a good show… right?

12.  I hadn’t noticed before but Corre’s theme song is terrible.  It reminds me of when Daniel Bryan mentioned he was a nobody because he entered to generic rock music.

13.  The whole “let’s create tension by making the two feuding men team up angle” is really overdone in WWE.  I can’t recall the last time it happened, but I’m certain it isn’t too far down the line.

14.  Wait so Cena and Miz are tag team champions?  2007 wants their storyline back.  The Corre decide to use their rematch clause that everyone demands when signing their contract.  I feel sorry for the guy who didn’t have that added in when he signed.

15.  The main event was all kinds of weird.  Cena and Miz won the tag titles, Miz turned face for the match as Corre kept attacking Miz, Miz and Cena looked like a team that had been together for months not one night, and then Miz turned back heel in the same match by delivering the Skull Crushing Finale to Cena giving Slater the pinfall.

Although the main event was a little whack, overall the show was a great one!

And quite frankly my dear, that’s a wrap.

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