10 Thoughts on The Week’s Comic News (DC, Marvel, Walking Dead Video Game, X-Men: Civil War, Fear Itself, DC Cancellations)

1. Infested is the new Marvel Spider-Event.

This does nothing but annoy me. I finally got over One More Nonsense and was all ready to pick up Amazing regularly, but I’m beyond done with events that put continuity above story. Until this proves itself to be different, no Spidey for me.

2. Video Game of Fables and Walking Dead.

Well, I’ll get these to support no matter what, but downloadable games worry me. I hope these are Adventure point and click games, because I’m not sure how they’d work as downloadable otherwise, although a Walking Dead similar to Dead Rising 2 with a more communal and open world feel would be fantastic and Fables could work as a RTS if you fought the big war out.

3. Big Shots to launch new Punisher, Daredevil and Moon Knight books.

Moon Knight with Bendis and Maleev I discussed already and, really, no other team is going to compare there, so leaving the teams of Punisher and Daredevil empty is a good strategy to build anticipation. The problem though, is Punisher. No one jumps to mind immediately to write him and, really, following Ennis, Aaron and Remender is going to be insanely difficult. As for Daredevil, if you want the tone to remain similar, go Zeb Wells, while if you want something different, aim for Roger Langridge or Fred Van Lente.

4. Fear Itself to have a whole load of hammers.

I’m on record as not caring about this crossover, but Beta Ray Bill, Thor, Thunderstrike, Thor Girl and even Ronan’s hammers being involved is a really goddamn cool hook.

5. Iron Man 3 Directed by Shane Black.

Everyone is psyched. Shane’s apparently a phenomenal screenwriter and filmmaker with stuff like Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Lethal Weapon to his credit. I’m excited, mostly because I really didn’t like Iron Man 2, so a new direction from someone accomplished is good news.

6. Five DC Titles Canceled: Batman and the Outsiders, Rebels, Doom Patrol, Freedom Fighters, JSA All Stars.

Okay, besides Rebels, good riddance. I like Doom Patrol, but, well, it’s been a dead idea since Grant Morrison was done with it. Outsiders, Didio killed as it became pretty much immediately unreadable upon his taking over. I like the Freedom Fighters concept, but without a big launch, it was DOA. JSA All-Stars is unnecessary until they make the main book not suck. And that leaves Rebels. I like Rebels a lot, but with 3 GL books and a Red Lantern book, cosmic DC is pretty well covered. I really hope Brainiac 2 doesn’t disappear into the ether again though.

7. X-Men Civil War Coming?

Well, Civil War was just about Marvel’s most successful event ever, so it was a matter of time before they tried it again. The X-Men, with Cyclops sometimes suspect leadership and convoluted plans, do indeed have a reason to have a Civil War, so that works. The problem? Jenkins is writing it and he’s extremely hit or miss. This could be great or unreadable and, well, I’m a bit worried. Hopefully Gillen gets more control of this as it goes. Him I trust.

8. The Weaponer of Qward joins Sinestro Corps.

So, I don’t think I’m doing 10 reviews this week, so I’ll hit this here. The entire move was under-motivated and the Weaponer went from an interesting, multi-faceted character to a cliché spewing fool in record time. I also hated that they tied Brightest Day, a book I cannot stand, into an arc I was, until then, otherwise enjoying. If this keeps up, GLC is getting dropped.

9. Morning Glories Volume 1 TP Trade for $10!

Read an awesome sales pitch for that book here, then see what I had to say about Nick Spencer right here, and when you’re done, go up to the link where it says “Morning Glories” and click it to buy the damn book. You’re welcome.

10. Boom gets a Duck Tales ongoing.

Joining Darkwing Duck and Rescue Rangers as Disney listened comics, we’ll be getting an ongoing Duck Tales comic. That’s far better than it sounds though, as besides the TV show everyone loves, the original comic The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Companion (Life & Times of Scrooge Mcduck) is among the best comics ever and if this new book is anything like that old one, it’s must read.

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