10 Thoughts on WWE Elimination Chamber: John Morrison, Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, Trish Stratus, John Cena

10 thoughts on Elimination Chamber

1. Based on his performance in the chamber, John Morrison should win Money in the Bank at Mania this year. The guy is a star and he just proved it in the main event.

2. Jerry Lawler had a long shot winning the belt vs Miz but am I alone in wishing he kinda would have won? Lawler vs Cena would have been interesting and they could have even put Miz in it for a 3 way. Super Cena winning again at Wrestlemania doesn’t sound really interesting.

3. I really like Michael Cole’s character and he would make a great heel manager. Having said that, The 3 man booth tonight was just awful. Josh Matthews isn’t a very good play by play man and  spends too much time trying to be Mini Cole. If you watch NXT or Superstars, you know what I mean. They talk on top of each other constantly and it’s distracting.

4. This show had a lot of filler with the Tag match and the Trish Stratus angle. You would figure she would be rusty but man that was bad tonight. Especially the Rock impersonation and the botched head scissors to Layla.

5. Booker T calling Kelly Kelly a “Yak” makes me long for the days of Stevie Ray commentating. That was a nice shoutout. Booker is great but needs to calm down some.

6. The Chamber has overtaken Hell in the Cell as my favorite WWE gimmick match. Even without blood, it looks and sounds painful bumping on those steel ramps. Rey and Punk especially took a lot of punishment in the matches.

7. I kinda wish they would have kept Dolph Ziggler in the match instead of putting Big show in. Ziggler is a bump machine and would have looked great vs Kane and even Edge.

8. Christian’s comeback after the Smackdown Chamber match was fun. I wonder how he is going to fit into the Alberto/Edge storyline?

9. Match of the Night:

Smackdown Chamber match: Edge vs Kane vs Wade Barrett vs Big Show vs Drew Mcintyre vs Rey Mysterio

All the guys in this match were great. You had Wade vs Big show which saw Show get his revenge on Wade and helping him get eliminated. Kane looked like a legit monster taking people out left and right like it was the Royal Rumble. Drew and Rey took some painful looking bumps through the glass and onto the steel. Even Edge who I’m not the biggest fan of looked good. The Styles Clash into a spear was nice.

10. Final Thoughts:

A thumbs up show all the way. Even with the down parts, you had 3 good to great matches and the show built well to Wrestlemania 27.  Sure it was predictable but it made sense given the storylines.

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