Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-15 Review

Hey guys! How’s everything? Hope you enjoyed the fifteenth episode of the seventh season of Desperate Housewives.

Spoiler-free zone:

In this episode, most storylines got more comedic. Short term story arches can be tiring but if done well, they can result into a totally refreshing hour. This episode falls into the latter category and even though many storylines were paused, some still manage to progress quite a bit.

Spoiler zone:

Probably the best storyline this week was Gabrielle’s. Her facing her past was an interesting premise introduced last week and the follow-up this week was pretty strong. Gaby’s childhood drama had been hinted throughout the series which made the storyline all the more meaningful and poignant. Plus, the storyline wasn’t all tears since the writers had some fun with the segment in the beginning. I’m curious to see where everything goes from here. If you think about it, every single storyline in this episode doesn’t seem to be following a predictable path. This makes me all the more curious to see the next episode.

Lynette’s storyline didn’t reach the comedic levels of last week’s story, but it was fun nonetheless. Again it’s hard to see where she goes from here. I loved seeing her domestic side this week seeing as it had slightly faded away throughout the seasons. Plus, the little cameo of the original twins was a fun addition to the episode. That last scene where the twins had just been evicted was brilliantly executed mostly because of Felicity Huffman’s bittersweet portrayal of Lynette.

Susan got to have some fun after a couple of emotional episodes. Her and Renee, had a nice chemistry this week and the taboo subject made the story even funnier. I’m not sure what purpose her fainting served, since the episode didn’t give closure to that, but I’m assuming something relevant will be shown next week.

Bree’s story arch finally got the closure it needed. It’s nice to see a more positive twist to a break-up, and I’m glad Keith didn’t overstay his welcome to the lane. Like I’ve said before, Bree as a single lady can result to some potentially complex and fascinating storylines. As for the drama she had to deal with this week, nothing out of the ordinary happened but it was essential for the writers to conclude one story before moving on to the next.

The mystery storyline unfolded the most this week. While there doesn’t seem to be much mystery left anymore, (maybe the writers are preparing something) Beth was finally confronted by Paul about her secret identity. I’m hoping we get to see a bit more of Beth because I’ve loved her from the start and a simple “get out” exit doesn’t do much for me. Also in this episode, we got to see how Paul’s relationship with Zach was really like. Lots of hatred in this family, which I guess explains Paul kicking Beth out of the house. That last scene was pretty intense.

To sum up, the episode was solid despite the fact that it was relying too much on the comedy aspect of the show. Like I’ve already said, many storylines (if not all) have been left open for the next episode so I’m having high expectations as of now.


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