The Cape – Episode 1-8 Review

When you watch a live-action show, you expect a degree of realism. For one, humans should be similar to humans in real life. With this assumption, however, The Cape falls apart completely–or there’s something in Palm City’s water that makes people dumb as rocks.

Naturally, you’d think that Vince, even in costume, wouldn’t be able to talk to Dana since she’d recognize him. (I can believe Trip is too dumb to recognize Vince.) Surely Dana would recognize his voice and bottom half of his face, so Vince would have to jump through additional hoops to get in contact with her. But no, Dana is oblivious until the end, which allows the plot to advance unencumbered.

In the end, the Lich turns out to be a bad villain. He’s crazy, but that’s it. With only a couple henchman, mediocre fighting abilities, and zero tricks, the Lich is easily taken down by Vince, Max, and Rollo.

Meanwhile, Orwell’s dreams are totally random, without logical connections, and up to interpretation. She wants/was to be married to Vince/a guy, and Peter Flemming/her father showed up. And the white door… huh?

Score: 7.5/10


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