George South Interview Recap

George South Recap for full audio please visit

By Crystal Senter

George South comes on again. George wants to reclaim his talking crown against Tommy Young.

Jack and George discuss Tommy Young and memories of time spent with him as a wrestler and a referee.

George discusses his next show the upcoming Anderson Brothers Classic 5 One Night Tag Team Tournament February 25th in Kings Mountain, NC. For more information please visit:

George tells the Headyverse stories about his storied career, where he has been and who he has wrestled with, plus the future of wrestling through the minor leagues and promotions.

George also comments on the Rock’s promo that happened recently on the WWE and how George feels about Rock’s wrestling career. George knew Rock was the real deal when he saw his match with Hogan at Wrestlemania and he knew to play heel when the crowd turned on him.

Jack asks about the Anderson Brother Classics and the stories about the various Classics in the past.

Jack also promotes the Mid-Atlantic Gateway and the hard work they accomplish.

George comments on how shutting down territory area wrestling has hurt the wrestling business and that territories should come back. In doing so, the up and comers can learn truly about the business in working hard, with doing it seven days a week. George states that without the territories, the grade and talent of wrestlers has gone downhill.

George tells the folks out there, especially those who want to work for his shows, that if you want to work for him, use your real name and not your stage name. George will not hire you. George tells a story of a potential worker calling him on the phone saying he was “Death”.

George states he is a big Journey fan, telling stories about trips he would make with Journey CD’s on road trips, especially one trip with Ricky Morton.

George encourages families to still come to wrestling, especially more local shows, because they are family friendly and fun for all ages.

Jack and OIB thank George for his time and a wonderful interview. The interview lasted 2:22:36 (2 hours, 22 minutes and 36 seconds)

For the full audio please visit

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