Jim Ross on Sting, Jim Duggan in the WWE Hall of Fame and Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross…

On Duggan in Hall of Fame: Congrats to Hacksaw Jim Duggan on the announcement that ‘Hack’ is going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. The Glens Falls, New York native is one of the distinguished, Mid South Wrestling alums who learned his skills under the watchful and demanding eye of Cowboy Bill Watts. Jim became a huge star in Mid South before venturing ‘up north’ to take his skills to WWE.

On Sting: No, I am not surprised that it wasn’t Sting being revealed on Raw Monday night. I think that I made it about as clear as I could that I did not think that Sting and WWE were negotiating but if they did, and both were of the same mindset, that a deal could be done in the future. It takes two to tango in these negotiations and sometimes things are simply not meant to be or they come along at the wrong time. Who knows what the future holds?

Yes…I am a big Sting fan and a bigger fan of the man behind the paint for those asking.

On Cole and Lawler: Yes….if Michael Cole accepts Jerry Lawler’s WM27 challenge and that is the WM match that King gets to have I know that Jerry will be MORE than pleased with it. Some have questioned if Jerry would truly enjoy stepping in the ring with Cole in Atlanta and on that one I can unequivocally say ‘Oh, Hell Yeah!’ Lawler deserves a match at Wrestlemania as much as any athlete on WWE’s roster in my biased opinion.

Plus, if it happens, The King will beat Cole like a government mule. 🙂

No…I don’t hate Michael Cole. I also don’t hate the screwdriver or hammer hanging in my garage which are also tools.

Didn’t you love how Cole sucked up to Mr. McMahon when the ‘Voice of WWE’ but put himself ahead of other WWE HOF’ers such as Gordon Solie and Gorilla Monsoon in the pecking order of broadcasters of the genre? Cole can say he’s better than me all he wants, and he well may be, but when he whines that he’s better than Solie and Monsoon it becomes laughable.

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