Southland – Episode 3-8 Review

Even though it seems like the season’s just begun, the third season is over in 2 weeks. As for the ratings, they’re below last years’, but given TNT’s surprise renewal last year, it’s too early to tell.

If Southland is renewed, there is still plenty of story to tell. Ben and John are going to reach a breaking point soon, with John continuing to take drugs and everyone warning Ben. The tension is high between them, but they still go ahead and do their jobs. While that partnership is fracturing, Lydia and Josie are working better each week, this week uncovering a lying, alcoholic witness.

Sammy dark spiral took a deep turn this week when he grabs the guy he believes to be Nate’s killer and drives him to the desert to be shot. Sammy doesn’t kill the gang member, because he’s unwilling to kill someone in cold blood or believes the gang member was innocent, or a combination of the two. But this issue clearly is not resolved, and with Mariella moving away, Sammy will have plenty of time to dwell on his feelings. Great stuff from Shawn Hatosy again.

Score: 9.2/10