The Chicago Code – Episode 1-3 Review

After dialing back Gibbons’s potential evilness last week with the revelation that another police officer had shot Antonio and Theresa for his own reasons, the writers brought Gibbons back to pure sliminess, starting what appears to be a long chess game between Theresa and the alderman. And boy was it enjoyable.

“Gillis, Chase, & Baby Face” is chalk full of political intrigue, as Theresa rattles Gibbons’s cage by shutting down a project of mob boss, Hugh Killian, one of his supporters. In turn, Killian pressures Gibbons, even threatening to have him taken out once he’s not useful. But Gibbons has one more move, planting child pornography on Killian. Lastly, Gibbons gets Theresa’s chief of staff for attempted bribery. Gibbons, played by the wonderful Delroy Lindo, delivers a speech that is nothing short of pure brilliant, with full theatrical gestures towards the entire city, while Theresa can do nothing but watch. But again, Gibbons underestimates Theresa, placing his own guy to be her chief of staff, only Theresa does her research. Now, Theresa can funnel whatever information she wants to Gibbons–and the game is on.

The case this week isn’t that important, but the specifics are about a bank robbery which leaves several people shot. More importantly, it allows us to see the dynamic between Jarek and the rest of the cops, who think he’s feeding names for Theresa to get rid of. This results in Jarek and Caleb receiving no backup, Jarek eventually redeeming himself to Moosekian, and finally, Jarek getting into Moosekian’s face. We see that Theresa’s initiatives are have a large effect on the department, and externally, they aren’t good. For now, though, Jarek, and by extension Caleb, are willing to weather the storm

I always like to comment on ratings the first couple weeks of a new show (that I like), so I’ll say flat-out that The Chicago Code is in danger. Last week’s episode dropped from the already lackluster premiere, so the numbers need to stay the same for the duration of its run, and that rarely happens for shows which have just begun.

Score: 9.1/10


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