DR. TNA: Questions on TNA’s Surprise – Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan, Sting

TNA has another highly publicized show date coming up.  This time it is March 3rd.  The last time TNA publicized a date this much, Fourtune answered the question of: who are “they?”.  Going into that show there was understandably a lot of questions to be answered.  After a few short weeks, with little over another week to go, there are some new questions to be answered.

Some of these questions may get answered this week, but below are some questions I’m hoping can be resolved in the next several days.

  • Who is going to fill the vacuum on the heel side now that Fortune has turned face?

Jeff Hardy is TNA’s biggest star and one of the biggest names in the business.  Matt Hardy is no slouch.  After that though, the ranks of Immortal get pretty thin, as far as active, week-in, week-out wrestlers.  There could be some good drama if a couple big names were to flip and for competitive balance, it probably needs to happen.

  • Will Hogan be back and what kind of shape will he be in, if he does return?

This will be the second show that has been advertised as Hogan’s return.  If he doesn’t return this time, there will begin to be some credibility issues.

  • What will Kurt Angle’s role be now?

I’m sorry, but the angle between Jeff, Karen and Kurt needs to go.  It’s not that intriguing.  Frankly, it borders on creepy at times (i.e. the in home segment with the kids).  The “renewing of the vows” segment that is being plugged for March 3rd is easily my least anticipated part of the show.  In fact, I’ll wager that some of the commercials will be more enjoyable.  Please, oh please, let’s have both of these guys move on from this after the 3rd.

  • What will Scott Steiner’s role be now that he has returned?

We haven’t heard a lot from Steiner since his return, beyond his first couple shows.  He is supposed to have a big match this week on iMPACT, so maybe that will give us some insight.

  • Will Dixie Carter return to a prominent on-air role?  If so, what will be that role?

Dixie has not been around much on iMPACT for a while.  It will be interesting to see if she returns and what type of a role she plays if she does.  By herself, I’m not sure she looks credible going toe to toe with anyone in Immortal, but that’s not to say one could not come up with a scenario to give her that credibility.

  • Is Sting going to the WWE?

Yeah I know TNA can’t do much to answer this one, especially if he is.  However, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was wondering.

  • What will the TNA Heavyweight Title picture look like for the next few weeks?

It seems the top is rather crowded these days.  Jeff Hardy has the title again.  RVD claims (rather accurately) that he never lost it.  Mr. Anderson wants it back.  Matt Morgan thinks he let it slip away.  Now, add to that the fact that Kurt Angle is set to be in a three way match with Mr. Anderson and RVD on this week’s iMPACT and things get even more crowded.  Not sure how this one works itself out.

  •  Any more surprises?

This might just be my personal preference, but I feel that if you are going to promote a show for several weeks, there needs to be something that surprises your audience occurring at the show.  I don’t have anything specific in mind, but TNA would be wise to have a couple tricks up their sleeves.

These are the questions that are on my mind, as of now.  This week’s show may answer some of them, but I suspect that many of them will carry into the March 3rd episode.  Hopefully, more will be answered then, but regardless, I hope the show lives up to the promotion.

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