The 10 Thoughts DVD Review on All Star Superman (Grant Morrison, Frank Quietly, Dwayne McDuffie)

1. Fans of Superman must really see this movie. There’s an iconic nature to great Superman stories that All Star Superman nails. He’s the epic hero standing up for what’s right, showing amazing nobility, creativity and courage. This is the absolute best the characterization of Superman has ever been.

2. Haters of Superman should absolutely see this movie. This is the story of how Superman dies and what that means. Handled extraordinarily well, it will address your complaints, right down to Superman being too powerful.

3. Lovers of the Silver Age should see this, as we have all the classic trappings from the bottle city of Kandor to Jimmy Olsen insanity, Lizard Invasions from the center of the earth and mad plans by Lex Luthor. This is Superman, comics creativity at it’s most manic.

4. Modern era Superman fans should watch this. While some of the trappings are different, like Lois not knowing Clark is Superman, the speech and storytelling is distinctly modern age and “widescreen” like we’re all used to in the post Authority world.

5. Fans of the movies who don’t really read comics should see this. This is the perfect example of what Superman Returns wasn’t. We have a well-thought out plot with a villain who’s no match for Superman, but not once do we use Kryptonite or any other major clichés. This is the Superman movie you’ve been waiting for.

6. Fans of the All Star Superman comic are already seeing this, but should be warned: they cut out most of the middle issues of the series. The focus is squarely upon the Lex Luthor and Lois lane related issues. Those form the core plot and the rest is tribute, characterization stuff, so this doesn’t really hurt the movie, but fair warning.

7. The trimmed down plot allows for some fantastic foreshadowing. Nearly every throwaway line or idea throughout this sets up something later. There isn’t a ton of fighting, but this is quite the rewarding experience.

8. Lex Luthor and Lois Lane are both handled phenomenally well. Luthor is clearly mad, but logical, calculating and brilliant in a way that’s rarely explained. Lois is cynical, clever, teasing and flirty. She manages to be difficult without coming off as a hateful shrew. Her chemistry with both Clark and Superman is great. The dimensions to these characters carry the movie.

9. This being Dwayne McDuffie’s last work, I’m thrilled that it is so brilliantly achieved. Grant Morrison really has staked a claim as telling the best Superman story ever here, as well.

10. Rating: 10/10. I cannot imagine anyone who loves big ideas and the nobility of the human spirit not falling completely in love with All Star Superman. This is simultaneously epic and personal in the best way possible.

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