Kue’s Korner: Who’s Money? A Look at 2011’s Potential Money in the Bank Winners

Thanks for the polite knock, friends. Come on in and make yourselves at home in the crystal-clear Kue’s Korner. I’m your delectably delightful host, Jonah Kue, and it seems that we’re full freakin’ steam ahead on this Road to Wrestlemania. May I say, you’re welcome, homies, for calling the Deadman/Game showdown at ‘Mania. This seemed like the only way to involve these two in the spectacle of spectacles without pissing off the marks. No one gets buried, and we still get a potential MOTY candidate. But enough about that. This week, yours truly will cover a more rung-based aspect of April’s astonishing Atlanta-based PPV. Let’s begin with a big of whoring.

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To be honest, gentlemen and ladies, we’re not even sure if we’re getting our prized Money in the Bank match at ‘Mania this year, what with the gimmick owning it’s own PPV in the Summer. Still, if we do set up the ladders this April, it’s an interesting dichotomy of wrestlers that will probably be involved in it. With such a selection, one must ask: who will rise to claim the prize? Let’s take a look at some key potentials

Kofi Kingston – Whether he’s Jamaican-you-crazy or Ghana-make-you-crazy, this kid’s got a mimic of Rey in him in the sense that he can carry a feud ridiculously well by ring work alone. Generic promos aside, Kofi is, at least, not terrible on the mic. And with the briefcase in hand, Kofi has the potential to, not only build more incredible feuds within the company, but hopefully get a chance to practice his promo skills with some higher level heels other than Swangle.

Wade Barrett – Come on, now, with the year-long build up, it’s only a matter of time before Barrett ends up with the belt. Though, with Corre as his stepping stool, it would seem like a waste of the briefcase. Barrett is on his way to that golden destination. I just don’t see him taking this particular ladder-ridden path to it.

Daniel Bryan – Would love to see this. Ain’t gonna happen.

Christian – With the double knock-out punch of returns of ‘Taker and Trips, Captain Charisma’s radical reintroduction seemed to lose a bit of steam. But who else, out of the mid-card shuffle, is more main event ready than the leader of the Peepulation? We’ve all been waiting desperately for Mr. Cage to take his shot at the top of the ladder. But, like Barrett, does he really need the top of a ladder to do it? He has a ready-made feud with future champ, Alberto Del Rio, in the works. It’s only a matter of time before the crowd’s love of Christian overcomes Vince’s odd hesitance to push the guy.

John Morrison – This is the most obvious choice. Morrison has been pushed to the freakin’ moon and back for the past few months. And you know what, kids? He’s capitalized. In the ring, he’s become one of the more memorable performers of the past few years. And recently, he’s shown something sorely missing from many of today’s workers: sublime psychology. The Shaman of Sexy has proven himself more than the King of Spots (and that title was vigorously earned). His matches with Sheamus and Punk exemplified more of a storyteller than a “flipper” in him. His big spots were reserved more for multi-man matches such as the Rumble and the Chamber. All he needs is one damn feather in his cap to warrant his push to the top. Why not a briefcase-shaped feather?

And this is what smart Money in the Bank booking is. Take a worker who has been getting over heavily recently and realize that he only needs one more notch on the belt. That’s what Christian and Barrett lack for a Money in the Bank win: the need for it.

So, here’s to another 30 minute spotfest in our most favorite of grand stages. Now, I give you a harder task: which of these ladder freaks are getting future-endeavored?


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