Lights Out – Episode 1-7 Review

For those who came into Lights Out expecting boxing in every episode, “Crossroads” probably appealed to them, as the episode was dedicated to the build up, the fight, and a bit of the aftermath. The first official fight of the series, and Lights’ first in five years, ends with Lights winning even though Morales is an incredibly dirty fighter. What’s surprising about the fight is that it ends in a second round knockout after Morales did a good number on Lights in the first round. People have been speculating that Morales threw the fight, which would be a cool twist later on. It would also fit with the fact that Lights isn’t ready and why his father won’t train him to fight Reynolds.

While Lights is beating on Morales, we get a fantastic shot of Theresa cheering on her husband, indicating Lights’s appeal to her: she loves watching him hit other people. Meanwhile, Daniella seems much more at ease once she sees her father winning. But going back to the earlier point, what if the fight was thrown? Lights will be in for a world of hurt.

Score: 8.9/10


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