Spoiler Warnings: Things We Learn This Week About Mike Carey’s Age of X

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In no particular order, these are spoilers from both X-Men Legacy #245 and New Mutants #22.

  • Scott “Basilisk” Summers is married to Joanna “Frenzy” Cargill
  • Anna Marie, known better to us as Rogue, has two codenames. Legacy and Reaper. Legacy because she’s the walking legacy of all who have fallen and she has absorbed into her, and Reaper because she’s the one called in to put down someone on their death bed.
  • The Force Warriors are the telekinetics of the group, responsible for rebuilding the force walls everynight around Fortress X. The group is made up of David Haller, Julian Keller, Elizabeth Bradock, a version of Phoenix, and someone that for the life of me I can’t identify.
  • David Haller’s step mother is Moira MacTaggart
  • Logan is the powerless bartender, his healing factor destroyed when he eliminated an X-Gene cure.
  • Elizabeth Braddock and Bobby Drake are a couple.
  • The Sapien League “stole” an election, which could explain how things got so bad.
  • Northstar is looking for revenge against the soldier that killed his sister.
  • Kitty Pryde is a prisoner, considered too dangerous and unstable to mix with the rest.
  • Other prisoners appear to include Emma Frost, Martha Johannson, Stepford Cuckoos, and a comatose Charles Xavier.
  • Reaper later absorbs both Katherine Pryde and Charles Xavier, and the event causes her to run.

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