Spoiler Warnings: What Larfleeze Doesn’t Want And Who Is Secretly Opposed To Lex Luthor In Action Comics #898 by Paul Cornell And Pete Woods?

Larfleeze shows up in this issue to attempt to take what power Luthor is seeking from the black orbs (which have now been turned white). Luthor tosses Larfleeze into the orb and after seeing what was within, what last issue freaked Joker out, whatever is within the orbs is the one thing Larfleeze does not want.

Also in this issue, the secret force manipulating events against Luthor and controlling the Lois Lane robot is revealed to be Brainiac.

Glazer’s Take: Cornell has really built this mystery to the hilt, so it had better deliver. That said, I trust the former Dr. Who writer and have greatly enjoyed Lex’s confrontations with various villainous parties that each serve to highlight a part of his own personality.

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