TNA Impact Spoilers for Tonight from Fayetteville

TNA Impact (2/24) and Xplosion (3/1)/VIP Report

Same as Yesterday as all the VIPs met outside the Blue Man Group’s stage. Their were a little less people. Joe who ran it who is also the ring bell guy talked to us for awhile. Joe said that Kurt Angle would sign autographs and pictures in the ring for $20. He said Matt Morgan needed to get somewhere so he will be in a hurray. He said we really have to be into the opening match as both girls are good friends and they could get jobs with TNA. He said you will definitely know who is the good girl and the bad. He said the final match of the night would be a Knockouts match for Xplosion. He said there would be a surprise tonight with someone who has not been with TNA for 8 months.

I sat opposite stage side on the ringside seating in the 3rd row. The ringside seating and TV side of the bleahers were filled but the opposite side of the stage bleachers had only 6 or so people.

So Cal Val came down to the ring and told us we have are opening match next.

Dark Match: Leva Bates vs Isis The Amazon. Ref Jackson James. The fans were really into Leva and chanted her name when she came out. Leva looked impressive in the ring. Isis’s highlight was her intimidating Jackson James. Isis manhandled Leva knocking her around abit. Isis won. After Isis left, the fans cheered loud with Leva got to her feet.

Hector & Willie went to the Spanish booth and Taz & Tenay to theirs. JB came down to the ring. JB talked about tonight show being for next Thursday. And for everyone to set their DVRs to watch it. JB plugged that TNA airs on Tuesdays on Challenge TV in the UK. JB said TNA is translated into 13 different languages. JB wanted to hear us throughout the night. JB says if we are loud enough Joe the ringbell guy will give JB merch to give to us.

Impact to air 2/24

JB said we are coming back from commercial.

Eric Young (with the old TNA Championship) & Orlando Jordan vs .Gunner & Murphy. Ref Brian Hebner. Beer Money came out and joined Taz & Tenay on commentary. For about 2 minutes Eric fooled with Gunner by running back & forth in the ropes until Gunner was out of breath. Gunner & Murphy kept double teaming Eric as OJ was held back by Hebner. Eric took off his pants like at last night’s Xplosion match but was double teamed by Gunner & Murphy and Murphy held Eric as Gunner jumped off the top rope and hit a elbow for the win. Gunner & Murphy stared down Beer Money from the ring and Murphy motioned for the title around his waist.

JB plugged TNA & Tom’s snacks. JB asked who wanted chips. Fans chanted “We want chips”. JB showed two fans on the opposite camera side who also had Tom’s snacks in hand.

Devon came down to the ring. Devon says he is upset as he could not protect his sons at the PPV. He says his sons called Ray their Uncle. Devon yells into the camera about it. Bully Ray appears on the screen. Ray is beating someone up he says its Devon’s brother. He said he is going to put another relative of Ray’s threw a table. Ray picks Devon’s brother up but is attacked by Tommy Dreamer. They fight out to ringside. Devon joins Dreamer. Security tries to break it up and Ray runs away. Devon shoves down some security guys, Dreamer tries to hold Devon back but Devon knocks him out. Devon realizes what he does and is disgusted with himself.

JB went over to the two fans with Tom’s snacks and took their Velvet Sky bag and handed some of the spicy chips out to the fans.

Mr. Anderson comes down to the ring with a chair. He sits down in the chair. He doesn’t care what anyone wants. He gets a title rematch and he won’t leave until he gets it. He says he won’t get another rematch because hes a asshole. Anderson jumps up and down in the chair yelling Asshole. Anderson says RVD is not so good. Rob Van Dam comes down to the ring. RVD says Anderson screwed him out of his title shot. They start fighting and Security, Al Snow, D’Lo Brown, & Simon Diamond come down to the ring to pull them apart. They are separated in the ring and Immortal (no Jarrett or Hogan) comes out on the stage. Eric is laughing. RVD goes onto the ramp. He says Anderson & RVD in the main event would be good for ratings. Jarrett talks to Eric and Eric adds Kurt Angle to the match. RVD goes back to the ring. He and Anderson start fighting again and are pulled apart.

Tenay & Taz talk to the camera. JB & So Cal hand out some DVDs.

Magnus vs. Crimson. Ref Jackson James. I went to the bathroom when I came back Crimson’s music was playing.

JB handed out some more DVDs and said Rob Terry & Scott Steiner would have a pose down next.

Rob Terry comes down to the ring in tiny shorts, a jump rope and two weights. Terry says he has the greatest body ever. He starts posing and Scott Steiner in a suit comes down to the ring. Scott says he is pissed off because Terry is calling himself a genetic freak when he is the only one. Terry says Scott is scared of him. Scott says he is going to get his wrestling clothes on and if Terry is still here he will take him out. Terry says Steiner is a coward like all Americans. Steiner attacks Terry. Terry levels Scott with one of the weights. Terry starts chocking out Scott with the jump rope. Secuirty runs down to the ring and Terry goes to hit them and then leaves.

JB talks about TNA Merch. He talks about how you can get a brown bag for just $20.

Ric Flair comes down to the ring. Flair says wrestling is later he wants to talk to AJ right now, he wants AJ to say hes sorry. Fans chant “God” at Flair. Flair says there are two Gods one in the sky and one in the ring. Flair tells the fans to calm down. AJ comes down to the ring and says he is really angry at Flair. AJ says they never told Flair about their plan because Flair would try to talk them out of it. Flair says he has to teach AJ some respect and they start fighting. Hernandez runs down to the ring and attacks AJ. AJ takes off one of Flair’s shoes and jacket and rips Flair’s pants in half. AJ gives Flair a big low blow. AJ attacks Flair outside of the ring and throws him back into the ring. Flair is cut open. The fans are going crazy. Hernandez knocks AJ out of the ring and throws him back into the ring. AJ throws Hernandez out of the ring and flies out of the ring onto him. AJ goes after Flair’s pants some more and throws one of his shoes into the ringside seating. Flair is bleeding a lot. AJ goes for the styles clash but Hernandez gives him a big tackle that sends AJ flying. Flair starts punching AJ until Fortune runs down to the ring. Flair bails and Hernandez bails out through the crowd. Hernandez is attacked in the crowd by Matt Morgan and they fight towards the interview area. James Storm puts on Flair’s jacket. Fortune pose together towards the camera.

Like last night, security comes out and cleans the ring and sprays the blood out of the mat. JB hands a fan at ringside the half of Flair’s ripped pants. One TNA member collects Flair’s shoe from the fans.

Madison Rayne comes down to the ring. Madison says she has beaten everyone who has been put in front of her starting with Angelina Love. She says she wants to face new people and challenges anyone backstage. ODB comes down to the ring. The fans go crazy and chant “ODB.”

Madison Rayne vs. ODB. Ref Earl Hebner. Madison acts scared that ODB is their. ODB is knocking Madison around and gives her chops in the corner. ODB misses the bronco buster. Rayne laughs and bows. Madison works on ODB and then bows more and waves to the fans. OBD keeps knocking Madison down. Madison gains back control but ODB kicks free. ODB hits the bronco buster. ODB goes for her finsher but Rayne gets free and hits her finsher for the win. Madison leaves waving to everyone. ODB gets up and the fans chant her name. ODB gives herself a wedgie as she walks up the ramp.

JB gives out some more Merch and has Taz & Tenay sign shirts and gives them to some fans.

Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle. Ref Brian Hebner. RVD forgot his mark in his entrance for the pyro so the pyro went off as he was getting into the ring. Mr. Anderson did his normal entrance. Awesome match with lots of action. RVD & Angle work together against Anderson. Later RVD goes to hit a double rolling thunder but Anderson moves out of the ring. Anderson is knocked down out of the ring. RVD & Angle have a stare down. They do some chain wrestling. RVD runs and jumps out of the ring taking out Angle & Anderson. RVD stands in the ring for awhile(possibly a commercial break) and poses. Angle gets up and they have another stare down. RVD gets in offence. Angle hits a belly to belly on RVD then Anderson. Angle gives both 3 german suplexs each. Angle pulls down the straps. Angle gives Anderson the Angle Slam. RVD knocks down Angle and goes for a Frog Splash but Angle jumps up and hits a belly to belly off the top rope. Anderson goes for the mic check but Angle gets out of it and hits a Angle Slam. Angle puts Anderson in the ankle lock. “Here comes the bride” plays. Jeff & Karen Jarrett in a tuxedo and wedding dress come out to the stage. They toast each other with champagne as Angle watchs. Anderson gets up behind Angle and hits the mic check for the win. The Jarrett watch and laugh then leave.

Tenay & Taz talk to the camera.

JB leaves to commentary for Xplosion and So Cal Val takes over as ring announcer. So Cal hands out more DVDs.

TNA Xplosion to air 3/1 on Challenge TV(UK).

Robbie E w/ Cookie vs. Douglas Williams. Ref Jackson James. The fans are really cheering on Douglas. They talk on the mic for awhile. Douglas says he can be cool and puts on Robbie’s sunglasses and his chain then attacks Robbie. They have a nice match with some near falls. Cookie grabs Douglas’s leg. Douglas goes for the Chaos Thory but Robbie gets away but Douglas then gets it for the win.

Borash & Taz talk to the camera. So Cal hands out more DVDs. Earl Hebner goes to the ring. Some fans chant “You screwed Bret” Earl says he sure did. Some lady sitting ringside opposite stage is yelling at Hebner. Earl blows her kisses which makes her more mad. Earl says he is going to screw her too. The fans chant “Screw her Earl” Earl says he can still ride space mountain but she will have to wear a brown bag.(lol). Everyone is laughing. The lady gets more mad and Earl tells her to go home and brush her teeth. I was laughing so hard. Everyone is laughing and cheering on Hebner.

Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky vs. Rosita w/ Sarita. Ref Earl Hebner. Sarita & Rosita come to ring fooling around with each other and then dance together in the ring. Sarita gives Earl a hug. Sarita interferes in the match and Velvet goes after her. Earl pulls them apart and throws them out. Sarita leaves via the stage while Velevet leaves below commentary table. Love hit a really nasty looking backbreaker on Rosita. Earl checked on Rostia and Sarita ran down to the ring and knocked Love down. Earl saw Sarita and told her to leave. As he did this Velvet ran back to the ring and took out Rostia and Love hit a kick for the win.

The show ended afew minutes after 8pm. Kurt Angle came down to the ring for his session in the ring. VIPs were taken to the interview area for are picture/autograph session with Morgan. The lights above the interview area went out a few people before me and then came back right after me. Matt was nice to everyone.

Overall, it was s great time the past three days in Orlando for TNA. TNA gave everyone a really fun experience. I can’t wait till next month when I see a TNA Live Event in Poughkeepsie.

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Source: Pro Wrestling Insider

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