10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars 02.24.2011 — Daniel Bryan, Ted DiBiase, Santino Marella

1. So, let me get this straight. Slabriel won the belts on Sunday, lost them on Monday, got them back moments later, and are now appearing on Superstars? Against Trent Barreta and JTG? I know the WWE treats the tag division like the Divas, but come on.

2. “2.21.11 Revealed Tonight!” Well…sure! As if it wasn’t painfully obvious from the start, they act like no one has already heard about the Taker/Trips ordeal. Come on, give us some credit.

3. A rematch of Masters/Reks…why, don’t mind if I do, WWE. Twas a long, long day, and watching these two men tear each other apart seems like a good alternative to doing it myself.

4. This time last year, I was shaking my head at the Masterpiece for the insufferable pec dancing. Now I find myself immensely pleased with how he dominates Tyler Reks lately. If he puts his serious pants on, he can do no wrong. Did that rhyme?

5. I’m oddly intrigued by Big Show’s DVD. Sure, he’s a complete joke now and I’m pretty tired of watching him dominate on a weekly basis, but his story is one I would love to hear.

6. Even after all this time, I’m not sure I understand why Santino was ever a tag team champion, and it doesn’t help that he’s already Kozlov-less and crushing Tyson Kidd with his ridiculous finisher.

7. Come one, come all. All you kids in the back, pay attention to the men in the ring. The Undertaker and Triple H did not speak one word, but everything was said. That’s tremendously difficult, and was pulled off brilliantly. I still get chills.

8. I’m actually okay with Maryse as Tedward’s valet. It means she spends less time in the ring.

9. DiBiase was my favorite of the Legacy kids last year, and I rooted for him whole-heartedly after the split. I’m not sure what happened, but I find myself bored by him. I feel like I’ve been told his gimmick, but never really seen it.

10. Random Thought of the Week: Less of a thought, more of a discussion. Taker/HHH is great on paper, but what do these two have to offer right now for a Wrestlemania match?

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