JR: WWE Planning Big Things for Sin Cara (Mistico) Debut

WWE, which announced that it has signed former CMLL luchador and major Mexican star Mistico yesterday, has big plans in store.

Photo credit: WWE.com

WWE’s Jim Ross represented the company at the Mexico City press conference yesterday. Here are some of his tweets following the big news:

Mistico is signed, sealed & delivered w/ WWE. Now known as Sin Cara. Helluva young hand. A new star looms on the horizon. Congrats Sin Cara.

Every major media outlet in Mexico City present 4 Sin Cara media announcement. He’s doing 1 on 1’s now w/ them including espn deportes.

It was great 2 rep WWE in Mexico City 4 Sin Cara signing ,nouncement. Appreciate the opportunity to step back on the field, so 2 speak.

Sin Cara already in LA working on wwe launch date. Not sure what brand that he lands. My guess would be Raw but that’s speculation. TBD.

WWE has high hopes 4 Sin Cara. He has many new masks. Major TV ‘rollout.’ He’s 27 & has op 2 b a main eventer. A flyer, offensive innovator.

Ppl need to see how Sin Cara performs b4 condeming wwe 4 “pulling him down.” That’s just dumb. See how things playout then offer opinion.

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Source: h/t: Pro Wrestling Torch