The Vampire Diaries – Episode 2-16 Review

So after over a season and a half, it seems the cat may be out of the bag for the entire cast.  Of course, that depends on how this Isobel/Jenna thing plays out.  But, yeah, prior to this Jenna and Matt were the only two central characters still in the dark.  Although the episode had been leading up to Elena and/or Alaric spilling the beans to Jenna, it was Matt who came out of the episode with some new knowledge.

Of course, that was just the backdrop to what turned out to be a rather exciting episode.  Katherine arrived onto the scene with some pretty disturbing and hurtful news:  She was well aware of the fact that stabbing Elijah with the dagger would kill Damon, and when given the option to save one of the Salvatore brothers, she opted to spare Stefan.  I have to say, even though I overall prefer Stefan (sometimes it’s refreshing to see the nice guy win), I couldn’t help but sympathize with Damon on that one.  Man, can this guy EVER cut a break.  Every girl he falls in love with prefers Stefan, and quite explicitly.  I mean, why not give us Elena/Stefan as the cute couple, and Katherine/Damon as the twisted freaks?

For that matter, the various scenes between Katherine and Damon were pretty fun and, well, twisted.  That Katherine is a crazy bird.  Much of the time I’m wondering if she’s deliberately trying to get under Damon’s skin because she DOES want him, but then I have to wonder why she would so consistently put him in a life threatening situations, while looking out for Stefan’s well being.  But yeah, they’re totally going to do it before the end of the season.

This episode also brought attention to something I had wondered since last week’s episode:  Do they have another dagger to kill Klaus?  Or is the one they used on Elijah the only one?  And if it is, how can they use that without resurrecting Elijah?  Damon attempted torching Elijah, but even in death, his body remained indestructible.  This segued into Luka and his father attempting to remove dagger so that Elijah could eliminate the Salvatores.  However, this resulted in Damon unknowingly killing Luka.  I was actually pretty surprised by this, as Luka was a more or less innocent and remorseful teenager, and his death was pretty brutal.  His father’s demise later on was a little less shocking – as was the switcheroo with Katherine – but I did enjoy the tidbit at the end where he returned Bonnie’s powers to her so that she could help kill Klaus.

Speaking of Bonnie, I really enjoyed her brief discussion with Elena about whether it would bother her if she started dating Jeremy.  Elena’s response, in which she stated that Jeremy has been through so much pain already (the death of their parents, as well as Vickie and Anna being killed), and that she’d be happy for him to end up with somebody as great as Bonnie, was genuinely sweet.  Actually, a lot of the relationship stuff was pretty sweet.  Caroline is a legitimately awesome singer, and it was nice to see things work out for her and Matt (even if it was pretty short-lived).

I suppose I commend the fact that they tried to make this matter between Jenna and Alaric deep and psychological, but I’m still not really buying it.  The trust issue literally came out of nowhere with no build up whatsoever.  It probably would have made more sense for them to do the breakup AFTER Isobel had arrived.  At least then Jenna is catching Alaric in a pretty major lie and would have every right to feel hurt and betrayed.  The way it played out, though, felt really forced.

And what, now I gotta wait until April for new episodes?  CW, you slay me.

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