10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 02.25.2011 – Edge, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Dusty Rhodes

Reviewing the 2/25/11 episode of Friday Night Smackdown…

1. Somehow I don’t remember last week’s “Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye” chant to Dolph Ziggler being so Soccer Crowd-like loud. Ah, the wonders of post production.

2. Kane dwarfs Rey Mysterio so much that it really is hard to believe Rey has a chance against him any time out. Kane is such a professional to job countless times to Rey Mysterio. I couldn’t have been happier last year when Kane cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase against Rey. He owed Kane that. Kane does the honors to Rey again here which should unfortunately tell any fan in the know that WWE absolutely has no plans for Kane coming towards Wrestlemania. An unfortunate fall from grace for the Big Red Machine after a really large build up to his character last year.

3. A well crafted segment designed to allow Cody Rhodes the revenge attack he needed to progress his feud with Rey Mysterio. I like how they utilized Dusty Rhodes as well and rather than have the cliche of beating up his own Dad, they allowed Dusty to heel on Mysterio for the sake of his son, which is totally believable. I loved the segment as well as Dashing taking his mask, too. The backstage bit with Cody and Dusty following the attack was very well done as well.

4. Rosa looks better and sexier every week. She has gone back to her old Tough Enough look and it is so much better. Unfortunately, the match vs. Layla was nothing to write home about. The spot to the outside was very ugly. The match was used as a backdrop for the potential Lay Cool break up. They teased dissension following Michelle McCool’s attack on Rosa leading to a DQ loss for Layla. It’ll be interesting to see if Lay Cool will have a match against each other at Wrestlemania. Two Diva matches would be very surprising unless one of the members of Lay Cool gets the belt before Mania.

5. The repeat of Cena’s big response to The Rock last Monday from Raw only goes to show that Cena should never have left what got him over in the dance to begin with. The doctor was in last Monday. If only this verbal sparring could lead to a Wrestlemania match between the two.

6. I wonder how many remixes or renditions of The Corre’s theme song WWE will do until they finally settle on one. If only they started off with a strong theme to begin with, they wouldn’t have had to change it week after week trying to make it cooler.

7. After watching the review package of the Undertaker/Triple H confrontation I can’t help but think Triple H will be in position to be the one who came closest to defeating the Undertaker and ending his streak. I even think they might do a false finish to tease the upset to the fans and put Triple H over even in his eventual loss.

8.  Line Of the Night: After Big Show threw his coat at Michael Cole(which WWE didn’t want us to see)

Josh Matthews– “Cole, no one likes you. No one.”

9. Match of the Night:

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio

This was a very tough week as no match stood out head and shoulders above the rest. Especially with the length of them as well. I believe the longest one was Kane vs. Rey. There was more emotion and story surrounding the Main Event tag, but Kane vs. Rey was a better overall contest. The ending was clean and almost out of nowhere. Much to my chagrin, Kane lost clean to Rey, but it was a pretty solid match. But even with the added emotion surrounding the Vickie “career on the line” match, Rey Mysterio got his fair share of supporters to add to the drama of that match as well.

10. Final Show Thoughts:

It’s hard not to comment on the Raw replay happenings since they made them huge parts of the Smackdown show. Could Vickie and Dolph show up on Raw? It would seem Vickie might find a loophole to claw her way back.  She vowed at the end with a garbled screaming “You wait!!!” to Edge to insinuate to Edge and the fans that we haven’t seen the last of her. Christian was conspicuous by his absence as it would have been nice to see him back on Smackdown for a follow up to his actions at Elimination Chamber. As far as I know, he is still on Smackdown. Seems like a wasted opportunity not to showcase his return this week. There is still a ways to go to flesh out more of the Wrestlemania card. So far it seems Smackdown is getting the short end of the stick as far as major brand promotion of the biggest event of the year. Even Smackdown’s biggest star had his return on Raw.

That is all.

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