Saturday Evening Post 02.26.11 (WWE Wrestlemania 27, Undertaker vs. Triple H and John Cena vs. Miz)

Hello again , everyone, I’m FLEA and we are going to do another edition of Top 3 of 6 today.

Last time, I hit the writers and my overall view of Pulse in general. Let’s just say I’m not A.D.D. – meaning I like my steak and not simple random appetizers. The advice is for your own good. However, I’m not ignorant to what draws hits, which is the name of the game.

Besides – several of you have carved nice niches around here and and I’m not one to rain on parades, piss in hats nor shit in oatmeal. I’d just like to see more effort…

So today, well do some WM and I’ll put my words where my mouth types. Later in this column, I’ll pull a story off the wires and add some meat – long form. Look at it this way, you have all weekend to read it, and if you want Random Thoughts, just tell me

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Some of these matches / events have been officially announced and the other will presumably happen, so we will go the presumed route


Main Event – UT vs. HHH

1) Rumor has that H’s career will be on the line. I doubt it – these guys could stretch this one out all year , 3 matches, if need be. HBK should have some kind of involvement, to which end remains unsure. One note is he will most likely side with H, given that HBK has repeatedly said “involvement, but no more matches”, so no need for revenge. I like that and believe him. Given this will most likely be a non-DQ, I expect a superkickm (or attempt) and HBK should get his his for his troubles. BLOOD would out this over the top; will they give juice a chance?

2) H is a wild card. Both H and UT are very powerful political figures have allegedly retained all rights to how this will play out. Excepting Batista, H does have a lousy rep for WM match building – if these to do put together a solid program my advice would be to keep it simple and when they get in the ring, to NOT lock up in a collar / elbow tie up. That killed the Orton match from a few shows ago and needs to be avoided. UT is too smart for that, one would think.

3) UT wins, no doubt. 19-0, going for 20 and that will be that. I could think of an easier last 2 opponents than a Main Event H for 25 minutes; whomever draws the straw next year, should be prepared to j.o.b. p.d.q.

I would make a point of dragging this feud out until Survivor Series (unless Rock / Cena falls apart for SummerSlam). Then fast track it. 3 shows , UT wins., H wins nefariously and then UT beats him so bad H has to take an office job. Just my idea


Cena / MIZ – Spinner Belt

1) This sucks. The commoners will book Cena to win, which is a huge mistake. The belt and the genius of Lawler are the only things that keep MIZ from being a Dibase or Cody. The guy rules and is willing to do anything the WWE machine tells him. Cena is still like that, but he needs no belt to do so. MIZ needs a win, clean or not

2) The Rock says this – if I’m doing a match with Cena, make it big, Candy Ass. SummerSlam works. If they would legitimately allow horrible disappointment (Cena gets screwed by Rock at WM and just falls to pieces). MIZ gloats. For MONTHS. Torture. Remove the comedy and make Cena at least 2 dimensional. Allow him to get back at NO ONE until the Rock. Job him to the MIZ at the next PPV too. The writers tend to get too clever when it comes to actual booking. Cena needs to suffer. And not just a beatdown so vicious that he returns later in the show to avenge himself. Lifetime movies are better than this bullshit. Imagine if Farrah would have just done everyone in at the beginning of Burning Bed? Fucking hacks

3) MIZ needs a win, period. He also needs to step up, match-wise. Getting carried by Lawler twice (even though I’m a huge Lawler fan), is not the sign of a champ. He’ll have a good match with Cena, which will be fine on the “entertaining side’, but MIZ also he needs to bring at least a B+ wrestling game or else it curtains


Edge / Del Rio – Championship

1) Del Rio rules it. It’s like I’m seeing the second coming of Gino Hernandez, minus the cocaine. I also get nervous when I hear that “Del Rio gives the best facials in the business”. Oh yeah? To who? I hope it’s a chick and not McCool (UT’s old lady). Eh, there’s plenty to go around

2) Edge sucks as a babyface, so I expect a minor double turn in this one. Just when I thought I lacked a reasonable understanding to his Kane program, along comes Ziggler and I know not what the fuck is doing. No Difference, Del Rio has made it clear that he wants the belt

3) Del Rio needs to pick up his in ring work to make a good champ. I think they could ride this horse out of the barn, JR, but he still is sloppy and clunky from a guy who used to be one of the best in the world. His personality is carrying him (not to mention his own ring announcer, who doubles as a guy that instigates – awesome), but if he can;t pull off main event matches, just like the MIZ, it’s curtains

Alright, enough with WWE – until they say more, no sense in speculation. Hell of a conclusion I came to after going halfway through and realizing we are 5 weeks away



1) A parody of a rip-off. Yes,it’s Sting and in their infinite wisdom, the match where he beats Our Man Guilty is already in the books. Some surprise. The should have had the gay black dude and Steiner sing about the sun coming out tomorrow and showed a picture of Hardy behind bars with a look on his face that he only thought Deliverance happened to Ned Beatty. Minus 5 stars

2) Kurt gets to walk his ex-wife and JJ down the aisle for a re-up of vows. Of all the people that have been abused in angles and matches over the years, Kurt has to top the list. I’m not sure what the attraction is to this business for him. Ego, I guess. Money, probably. Of all the times to do a Russo swerve this is it – punch Jarrett in the nuts and Kurt a Karen get back together. On TV, of course. Angles is getting some weird pussy right now and I don;t think a home life with Karen (in real life) is conducive. The real swerve will be to play all this straight

3) Hogan vs. Dixie – only thing I have to say is if Hogan’s “lawyers” have been working on his, he’s doomed. He’s been nothing but fucked by the legal system the last 4 years, so if he wins, it ain;t no shoot, brotha


Mike Gojira (no bio) – The Stomping Ground: A Heel Stable Retrospective, Part One

1) This is what I like to see. An “idea” column with plenty of detail and information to back it up. Grades are always nice instead of the obligatory stars.

2) It may have been before your time, but before there were “stables” you had heel managers. The top 3 in the WWE (or WWWF / WWF) were Grand Wizard, Lou Albano and Freddie Blassie. They could take your normal mid card ham and egger and make them a credible challenge to the title of Backlund. Which was no small feat. With the eventual lack / death of the manager system, this concept was eventually phased out and replaced with stables, or Posse’s, etc. By the way, Mean Street Posse was on like a greasy pot of neckbones

3) Where are DX and NWO? . Money draws and industry changers. Probably in Part II. Good job plugging others. Sweet column


Words where my mouth types – FLEA

From the fucking newswire

“Kevin Nash (Diesel) WWE Contract Update

Kevin Nash tweeted that he has a five-year deal with WWE and promised his next appearance will be as surprising as the last one.”

If the surprise is a feud with the big Show, then count me in – I could go for a grown man yelling in pain and his leg gives out again. Talk about your highlights

Nash is the smartest man in the business, Period. HBK had to self destruct and find God, HHH had to marry the Boss’s daughter and sprout kids, despite being suspiciously homosexual by fucking Chyna. But good for him – he got what the Clique wanted and with the exception of Hall (soon to be clean with this gravy ride coming) and Waltman (alive and well in Mexico with Hep C?), the Band is back together. 15 years ago we were worried about the Clique running things – now they are. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it

I picture HHH in the top role, with Nash as a great advance man for radio, appearances, etc. A 21st Century version of Vince and Patterson. Both know the business (wrestling side) very well, and I’ve never considered burial as part of the game plan.

The people H and HBK have come down on have proved right – they didn’t have it – and both have a queer love for the business. Nash just likes to stir shit – and everyone loves him for it

The surprise should be a comfy office job – maybe throw Johnny Ace out on his ass while cleaning house. I think the pieces are in place for a new generation to take over and I’m all for it. Vince’s vision is old and stale – a shake up at the top suits me just fine

Just don’t cancel the stock dividend

The only time I trust Nash’s posts is when he is drunk. Let’s focus on those and not vague “promises”

To close:

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Thanks for reading, I’m FLEA

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