The Big Tuna – Who’s The Better Wrestler: The Rock or John Cena

Before I start, I would like to introduce myself. Some of you might know me from other websites I’ve written for, or  from writing on Glazer’s blog a couple times, but some might not know me. So, I am Kyle Fitta and I am 18 years old. I’m currently in College, seeking a degree in Communications . The first wrestling related site I wrote for was wcwrulez4lyfe. After that, I wrote for 411mania for awhile (no, I’m not going to bash them on here), Digitaljournalist, and Suite101. I now write for Examiner, as I just received a job there less than a week ago.

The reason I am writing for this site is because of three reasons. First being Pulse Glazer asked me to since they were looking for good writers (even though I don’t fit that criteria). Second being so I can plug my examiner page. And third reason being I like a lot of things about this website, and unlike 411mania as well as other websites, the comments hear, for the most part, are rational and not failed troll efforts.


The argument has always been discussed on the Internet of who the better wrestler is out of John Cena and The Rock, but after the Rock’s re-debut after nearly seven years, the argument is hotter than ever.

In order to judge on who is the better wrestler, you have to have a logical list of what you’re basing the criteria on. For me personally, I do not look for who was just simply the better worker in the ring, I look at mic-skills, how they fit into their roles, and, the most important element to a wrestler’s success level, the amount of money they drew too.

Let’s first start with John Cena. Despite what haters will say about Cena (and there are a lot of them), the guy is a workhouse and the best thing that could’ve ever happened to the WWE in the past seven years. Mainly because aren’t many young generation wrestlers that would put in the amount of effort that he has put into this business.

The biggest problem people have with John Cena is his ring-work. People find it stale and repetitive. While there is some truth to that, there is a saying that every wrestler would love to live by once they have enough credibility to do so, and that saying is less is more. Every established wrestler that is (or was) on par with the level Cena is on realizes that he doesn’t have to do a 360 back flip to get a rise out of the crowd. All he has to do is hit his moves that are over and the crowd goes nuts. Which is exactly what Cena does: he hits those “5 moves of doom”, and the place goes nuts. So even though he comes off as repetitive, his moves are over and still add exhilaration to a match whenever he hits them, plus most main-events use a 5-move moveset (look at Bret Hart, Stone Cold, and Ric Flair for instance) It’s not all about how many moves you do, its when, where, how, and why you do them.

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