10 Thoughts On… American Idol Top 12 Guy Performances

1. The performances were terrible. From beginning to end it was a very disappointing show.

2. The judges praising bad performances also is concerning for the future.

3. The best performances belonged to Scott McCreary and James Durbin.

4. Nerves obviously took over many of the contestants as even perennial all-stars during the Hollywood work weren’t at their top level. Robbie wasn’t great. Bret (aka the Ginger Bolton, credit Courtney Yates) could have been better. Jacob Lusk wasn’t as good as he was in previous episodes.

5. Jaycee should have been there.

6. Ryan Seacrest didn’t seem as excited as usual.

7. The online voting will at least make it easier to vote. The fact that I am talking about the online voting instead of the performances speaks volumes.

8. The girls have to be better.

9. Clint Jun Gamboa shouldn’t have chosen ‚ÄúSuperstitious.”

10. Paul McDonald was good.